Pajama Billionaire: Creating a Legacy of Purpose and Abundance

Chavez Allen, a Jamaican entrepreneur and forex trader, more widely known as Pajama Billionaire, entered the financial industry because he wanted more for himself and his loved ones. He wanted to have the freedom to spend his life as he wished and wanted to set an example for anyone who wanted better for themselves as well, to follow. He became a symbol to show people across the world that making money online isn’t only possible, but profitable.

Financial education was the game-changer in his life. He went from walking barefoot, in dirty slippers, and not being able to pay for necessities such as food, bills, even toothpaste, to living a life of freedom and abundance in a very short period of time. He wanted others to be able to experience the change he had, to be able to live the life he had created for himself and that led to the creation of Billionaires Academy. Many people have grown up with the mindset that they have to follow the traditional way to succeed in life, i.e., going to school for years, graduating, and then finding a job to earn for themselves and their family. However, this is not always the case. Pajama Billionaire shares how you can 10x your earnings, change your lifestyle and start living a life of abundance. 

1: Invest in financial education

Get the right advice, take the initiative to read and research, find people in the field you want to get into, and even pay them if necessary. Remember that no risk means no reward.

2: Use forex trading as a tool

Making money online by forex trading is a good approach to make money. Use forex day trading as a tool to multiply your existing income. The barrier to entry in Forex is very low, and it doesn’t take a lot of capital to start. Just make sure you get the right mentorship and support  

3: Invest, invest and invest

It was the investments that changed Chavez Allen’s life, and he is also willing to help others change their lives as well. Use the profits to invest in stocks, start a business, or invest in an existing business. These avenues require a bit more capital, so ensure you save a portion of your earnings to invest in these.

Tips from the Pajama Billionaire

Many people work for years living with the fear of being fired or losing their source of income. However, if they invest in themselves and invest in developing their skills and talents, investing in starting a business or creating multiple income sources, they can continue to work without the fear because they create their own security. 

I entered the financial industry with the aim of helping people create abundance and wealth for generations. I empowered people to invest in their talents, to use their 9-5 jobs and side businesses as tools to create multiple streams of income from which money will continually generate more money. I educate people on a day to day basis to use their income as a tool to invest in passive income sources.

Here are some tips to help you along your entrepreneurial journey:  

  • Go ahead now, as the winners are the doers and the best time to do it is now.
  • Find your target market.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people, who are starting a business or have started a successful business because they will give useful and relevant advice and wish to see you succeed.
  • Understand that this is a process, and the results will come with time
  • If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. No one should believe in your brand more than you.
  • Never take advice from someone who doesn’t have a business or is unsuccessful at what they’re trying to do. Their advice will be of no use and may harm your dreams as it can discourage you from doing something you haven’t tried, even out of fear or laziness. 
  • Be consistent and confident.

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