Palak Arora; The Bold and Confident Lady

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‘Pursue your dream’ or ‘pursue what society says.’ Palak chose her dreams.

Today, we are talking about a very inspiring person, Palak Arora.

She is a young UX designer currently working with India’s tech giant TCS. She was born and bred in the beautiful city Modinagar. She is a person with strong values. According to her, you should embrace your creativity. She is the biggest supporter when it comes to following.

Apart from this, she is also a content creator,created many interactive content and flaunting and influencig people with her knowledge and skills, She creates content around body positivity for plus-size women. From Indian ethnic attire to western outfit, she doesn’t miss a chance to slay herself in every outfit.

She is already ready to create content and inspire people from Content, She is a true inspiration for all the plus-sized women out there who lack confidence and think twice before trying out something new.If you are a plus-sized individual you should follow her to get outstanding inspirations. She is upcasing with her skills of UX designer and achieving many goals in that field,

You need to see how creatively she uses her skills to create awareness. She is an inspiration and supporter of many.

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