Pandemic Proof: How Darez Meriwether and his Team Revolutionized the Insurance Industry

The economic impact of the current global pandemic has been utterly devastating to business owners around the world. Many businesses are just barely hanging on, while others have been forced to close their doors permanently.

Despite this challenging socio-economic climate, one young entrepreneur has built a thriving business. As with many great success stories, entrepreneur Darez Meriwether found opportunity where others found difficulty and it is paying off for him and his team in spades. This is the story of how Darez Meriwether is completely changing this insurance game.

Darez Meriwether was born into a strong military family and spent his younger years hopping from base all over the globe. Darez earned a degree in Communications from Eastern Washington University. After college Darez pursued a few different career paths but none seemed compatible with the independent vision he had for himself until he found the insurance industry.

Despite having no experience in the industry Darez’s strong work-ethic and discipline quickly propelled him to a position of leadership and even earned Rookie of the year for the AO agency. Unlike other opportunities from his past, the insurance industry has allowed Darez to build a lifestyle on his own terms and help others to do the same.

This continued dedication to excellence led Darez to one of the top positions of MGA (master general agent) in AIL. Before the pandemic, agents spent their days in the field networking and attending client meetings face to face. Unfortunately, the onset of the pandemic left many agents and agencies utterly lost as to how to safely interact with potential clients.

Many businesses and individuals crumbled under the pressure of adversity, but not Darez and AIL. In a stroke of genius, they started to utilize video hosting technology to meet with their clients virtually. Not only did this eliminate the health risks associated with in person meetings, but it also actually saved agents time and money because they did not need to travel all over town to meet with clients.

It also allowed for new agents to be trained faster and more cost efficiently, all of which led to a massive increase in Meriwether’s business. While others were forced to close their doors, Darez and AIL have been thriving. Despite a global pandemic, Darez was promoted to Regional General Agent where he is responsible for setting a strong example for others while providing direct training and guidance to new agents.

In fact, one of Darez’s direct mentees was recognized as the number five rookie producer in the entire company. Amidst all the challenges Darez has been recognized as a Gold Club Producer which means he has earned more than $50,000 in a single month and had since surpassed that number. If you are interested in more information on how you may be able to take control of your income be sure to connect with Darezon social media.

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