Pandemic Proof: How Young Entrepreneur Alysha Bush is Thriving in Uncertain Times

To say that 2020 has been a tumultuous year for business owners and entrepreneurs is a pretty bold understatement. The unfortunate fact is that countless business owners from all around the world have been struggling just to keep the lights on, while others have had to close their doors permanently. It’s not all bad news however, some entrepreneurs are actually experiencing unusual growth during these uncertain times. One such entrepreneur is Alysha Bush, who has experienced over a 60% increase her businesses revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bush has never been one to run from a challenge. Growing up in the small town of Newburg, Oregon, she competed at the highest levels of high school athletics. Her drive for success led her to a record setting performance as a swimmer and earned her a full scholarship to Arizona State University where she was named team captain under the tutelage of Olympian and head coach Michael Phelps.

As is this case with so many millennial-aged college graduates, Bush found herself living what felt like the same day on repeat over and over again. Working multiple unfulfilling job each day to simply make ends meet with no passion or lifestyle. Always an avid reader, Bush was introduced the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki where she was introduced to the concept of building wealth through asset development instead of simply trading time for money. Bush credits the concepts from this book for changing the path of her life, she now knew she was going to be an entrepreneur, even if she didn’t quite know how.

Shortly after learning the concept of assets building, Bush was introduced to the opportunity to learn the skill of trading, namely, how to profit from the foreign currency exchange markets. The freedom of being able to earn income working from anywhere with an internet connection and on her own time drove Bush to become one of the top students in the training academy she attended- all while working 3 jobs! After just 4 short months, she was able to replace the income from her 3 jobs and focus solely on being a full-time trader.

Bush now has a thriving business that allows her to educate and guide others from all over the globe to find their way to freedom. Due to its remote nature and outstanding upside potential, Bush’s business has been thriving during the COVID crisis. In fact, her business has seen an increase of over 60% during this time with thousands of new students looking to find way to earn additional income in an economy that has all but screeched to a halt for many.

In a world where working from home is becoming the rule rather than the exception it can be expected that Bush’s business and others like it will continue to thrive even after the pandemic. Who doesn’t want the opportunity to earn extra money from the palm of their hand?

Alysha can be found on Instagram at @alysha.unleashed
More Information can be found on her website at

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