Paris S Chanel: The Upcoming Influencer in Luxury and Fashion

“Success comes when you have set firm goals for yourself and do everything in your power to accomplish those goals”, an iconic model and luxury, fashion, and travel influencer Paris Shay Chanel once stated when she defines success.

As her own words describe, her road to success is not laid through a bed of roses, but her continuous commitment and dedication help to yield the success.

Paris S. Chanel is an entrepreneur model, and a luxury, fashion, and travel influencer, who has demarcated a landmark in the fashion industry. “When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life, that defines her hard work from the childhood to where she has reached up to now.

Paris S. Chanel at the age of 12, entered the entertainment industry by starting her chapter as a model. At the age of 16, she continued her career as a model and attended John Casablancasto get more approach to modeling. From then on out she continued crafting. That is the time she realized what her true passion had become. She was finally signed by a local agency and received a couple of gigs.

She began to learn about the industry and discovered brand ambassador and promotional modeling. She has made useful connections across the country working modeling gigs for different companies. On the side of education, Paris has her BBA in Finance & Marketing, MBA in Marketing, and is currently in school obtaining her Doctorate in Strategic Media and Digital Strategy.

Opening her modeling and talent agency in 2016, was a landmark in her success story to becoming an influential figure in the modeling field. Paris was the CEO of her modeling and talent agency in the USA from 2016 to 2022. She just became an International Playboy Playmate and Cover Model, and she also just graced the cover of L’Officiel India.

Paris has worked with popular brands such as Harley Davidson, Tudor Racing, Coca-Cola, and many more. She has attended runway shows and sat front row slaying fashions throughout the USA. In the year 2022, she went deep into the influential work and practice a luxurious life with travel and fashions.

She offers content creation in the form of brand partnerships with social media posting or user-generated content for brands to use for commercial advertising. She has worked with tourism boards to capture the best content of the highlights of their city or state.  She also deals with photo and commercial event appearances, and she models for brand campaigns.

Paris has faced a series of challenges on her road to success. Racism, where Black Americans have been cornered, neglected, and deprived of their rights became influential in her life. Presently the most chaotic challenge was the covid 19 pandemic, where Paris had to identify certain changes in her business structure and changed accordingly. But she found out there is always hope in every difficult situation like a silver line in a dark cloud.

Paris believed the future of her industry is fated to continue to be with amazing brands. Her hopes are that influencers and brands can get on the same page when it comes to payments and certain expectations. She strongly believed that there is a space for growth, but it must be earned with courage.

Paris has planned to achieve a great number of accomplishments in her business within the next 5 years.  She will have obtained her Doctorate.  As a successful entrepreneur, plan to have written a few books by then and go on speaking tours.  She also sees herself traveling to major fashion shows all around the world and being invited to major fashion events working with the creme de la creme.

Her extraordinary life story teaches young entrepreneurs to have a game plan before starting up a business. Many times, entrepreneurship is glamorized on social media, but people are not putting out the reality of the behind-the-scenes and how stressful it can be, especially if you do not have a plan and go in with no funding or no money set aside. Therefore, make sure you have a proper plan and alternative programs if a plan goes wrong.

In this way, the upcoming Black influencer Paris S. Chanel’s life story has been able to give much valuable information that is important to our lives.

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