Parker Egerton Talks About Parker’s Physique and Its Rise to Becoming a Global Brand

Parker’s Physique was born out of a need for Parker Egerton to establish his own brand and make a name as a fitness trainer. He had worked with a gym at the beginning of his career, where he already built a client base that kept growing by the day. His decision to move on and establish his brand was because he sought growth. It paid off for him as things began to move in the right direction when he started working as a freelance trainer. He developed his online training business, and Parker’s Physique came to life.

The gym where he worked as a freelance trainer, Houze Of Champions, gave Parker all the room he needed to build a business and clients to go with it. He worked on his terms and took on clients as his schedule permitted. With the numerous limitations of physical bookings and training, Parker took his business online using social media and his website. On the website, he could sign more than 20 people in a day, and with his strategic positioning and branding, Parker Egerton stood out as a trainer online.

All of these happened eight years ago. Now, Parker Egerton and his brand, Parker’s Physique, have signed more than 8,000 clients worldwide, trained them, and helped them achieve their fitness goals. The company has also made more than $1,000,000 in revenue from strictly online training. Parker’s goal is to take away the limitations that people experience when looking for high-quality fitness training. He is building his brand for a world takeover to train people from every part of the world.

In a few years, his goal is to sign another 5,000 clients or more through his website and develop his brand into a global brand. Already, he has gained more than enough exposure through his media presence, which covers television series, movies, brand commercials, and magazine covers. “My brand exists to help clients answer questions pertaining to their physiques. It’s okay if they are not pleased with their physical appearance. We help them get it right and do it right with lasting results.

Parker Egerton has featured in TV shows like Ice Cold Killers, To Catch a Predator, Happily Never After, The Perfect Murder, and I Married A Mobster. He also made commercials for brands like East Coast Appliances, Hilton Hotels, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Old Dominion University, and Colgate. The Parker Physique has featured in magazines like Iron Magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine, Train Magazine, and Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

With his decade-long experience as a fitness trainer, Parker Egerton has not only helped his clients improve their physical fitness; he is also well-versed in nutritional programs. He recommends what to eat and what not to eat to his clients, and he makes himself available to interact with them personally to understand their needs better. Parker ensures each one of his clients gets a customized program to get them closer to their goals, and that has been one of the unique things he offers every one of his clients.

Learn more about Parker Physique and Parker Egerton’s works on the official website.

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