Pasquale Minasi’s Innovative BlueMagic Group Clinic Provides a 5-Star Hair Transplant Experience

When people think about getting a hair transplant today, they often conjure up visions of a sterile-looking hospital-like setting that involves painful, or at least unpleasant, surgery. Afterward, they have to take care of all the logistics involved in getting back home themselves, right after having a lengthy operation. While that may be a reality when going to some hair transplant clinics, BlueMagic Group Clinic offers an experience that is completely different.

Founded and headed by entrepreneur Pasquale Minasi, BlueMagic Group Clinic calls Istanbul, Turkey home, with a head consultancy office located in London, England and a medical consultancy office in Tirana, Albania. As someone who went through hair transplant surgery themselves, Pasquale was determined to provide others with the best possible five-star experience they could have.

Going to get a hair transplant at a BlueMagic Group clinic is a world-class experience that will not only result in having a successful hair transplant, but also be an experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Every comprehensive package offered includes premium accommodations and private transport, as well as the complete cost of the treatment.

The entire experience is usually spread out over two days. Once you arrive at their clinic in Istanbul, you will be welcomed at the airport by a private driver.  They will then transport you to the clinic to receive a series of blood tests and medical interviews. Once the tests and interviews are complete, your driver will take you to your hotel. You have the rest of the afternoon and evening to relax and enjoy your stay there.

On the second day, you will get to enjoy a complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Once you’re done, your driver will arrive to escort you to the clinic. A hair analysis will be conducted, and the hair transplant procedure chosen will be carried out by the clinic’s team of professional and world-class doctors. It will take somewhere between 6-8 hours for the treatment to be completed. Afterward, you will get to return to your hotel to rest and enjoy the remainder of your evening.

This full-service five-star experience ensures every client has an exceptional experience. Great care is taken to meet the hair restoration needs of each person, while providing them with a quality travel experience in the wonderful city they land in.

The hair transplant option is appealing to people who have suffered hair loss due to things like lifestyle diseases, genetics, stress, lack of vitamins, and unhealthy nutrition. While there are new treatment methods constantly being researched and developed, the most effective and certain solution for hair loss is still a hair transplant procedure.

To date, BlueMagic Group has successfully completed over 21,000 hair transplants. Every single procedure and treatment has excelled in its league, providing satisfaction to every patient. As a company that knows just how life-changing a hair transplant can be, it is fully committed to giving its patients a safe, comfortable, luxurious, and unforgettable experience from start to finish.

From the moment a client has their initial consultation, to the time when they have their post-operative check-up, BlueMagic Group ensures they receive high-quality service. Pasquale and his clinic believe strongly in the long-term effectiveness of the procedures and treatments, and guarantee your hair will never fall out again.

  • Pasquale has turned what used to be a somewhat uncomfortable experience into one that is actually quite enjoyable. The BlueMagic Group experience has become world-renowned, and is now being used as a model for other hair transplant clinics to follow suit. However, nobody currently does it quite like this hair transplant clinic.

If you are interested in getting back the full head of hair you used to have, but are unsure of how to proceed, you can receive a free consultation from BlueMagic Clinic. During your consultation, you will learn about how the hair transplant will go. This will help you understand the complete details about your best treatment and procedure options.

With the revolutionary hair transplant techniques used by BlueMagic Clinic available to you, there is no need to live out the rest of your life with issues. You could get that full head of hair you used to have restored, along with your confidence.

To learn more about Pasquale Minasi’s BlueMagic Group Clinic, you can head over to the official website. You can also follow Pasquale on Instagram @pasqualebmg and head over to his website to learn more about this entrepreneur.

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