Patel Aakash, the Young Entrepreneur With Huge Digital Presence

In the time of internet, everything is found online and it has become important to start developing the idea of managing online presence. Patel Aakash is one such young entrepreneur who has changed the game of online with his social media managing skills. He has been working towards developing the social presence through his skills.

Aakash started at the age of 24 when he decided to open a YouTube channel and social media consultancy to help people manage their online presence. He has been working on the technical front for a long time and has learned from his experiences while working through different industries. Be it the social media verification process or even managing YouTube channels, he has been helping his clients attend complete results through his expertise.

His attitude towards attaining a particular task is unique and has been appreciated by many in the industry. Aakash has worked with many celebrities including Kinjal Dave, Jignesh Barot, Urvashi Radadiya, Shital Thakor, Ashok Thakor, Nitin Kolvada, Darshna Vyas, Khushbu Asodiya, Vijay Suvada, Sagar Patel, Hemant Joshi, Tejal Thakor, Mahendrasinh Rajput and many more. His social media knowledge has helped many stars to gain the verification badge online. He has also trained his employees to ensure appropriate handling of clients. His consultancy is equipped with enough social media handlers to help multiple clients at a time.

Patel Aakash is a renowned name now in the Gujarati Industry and has been handling multiple client accounts. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs with huge knowledge of social media management. Digital marketing being his forte, Aakash has been investing more and more time to find efficient ways to handle social media accounts. He is known as the ‘growth hacker’ in the industry as he is growing through the social media industry really fast. Patel Aakash is a true young entrepreneur with an intense digital presence.

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