Patna Lad Adarsh Singh Aspires to Play First Class Cricket Representing India 

Adarsh Singh is a known face in the Cricket community in Patna. He was born on 24th February 2002 and always loved sports, music and swimming. In his early childhood, he was inclined towards Cricket and wanted to play it professionally. His father being from the similar field garnered his interest in Cricket since his early childhood and he started playing the sports in the guidance of his father.

His father being a coach helped him to shape up his game. His focus has always been cricket which even affected his studies but he made sure to remain ace in his chosen game.

He always believed in himself and had faith in himself and it was his father’s dream to see him playing first class cricket. With time, he was able to shape up his game emerging as a decent all rounder. He keeps his father Robin Sir and Gulrej Sir his coach as his mentors in sports and life.

His focus has always remained to play more and more cricket on good grounds and stadiums establishing his niche hard in cricket. Thus while playing he gained some good scores on the board drawing a double century despite going in a lower order in the eighth position.

England’s cricketer Ben Stokes has remained his favorite star in the cricketing world. He has played so far under 16 and under 19 and has even taken several wickets in Zonal matches , which he calls his achievement in his cricketing career. He believes in his abilities and is known for his strengths of remaining a consistent player under pressure.

He calls his weakness as his stubbornness. He gives credit to his achievement to his father who has worked hard to shape him into a good cricketer. He aspires to play for his country one day and make his father proud of him.

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