Patrick Tucker: The son of a Teacher Educating the Country on Financial Growth

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Patrick Tucker was born and raised in Minnesota by a nurse and a teacher.
Growing up as the son of a teacher, he always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning. His personality was maybe inspired by his Dad’s profession as a teacher.

So after years of working and learning about Finance,human behavior, entrepreneurialism, he decided to become a financial advisor and
educator to help others.Tucker believes that life is full of ups and downs, but a constant in life is that one should never stop learning.

Fortunately, every experience in life (however good or bad) can end up teaching you something you can use going forward.Learning
never stops as living is learning, and learning is living. So humans should embrace learning as a lifelong process that molds your thoughts and intentions and ultimately guides you towards the pinnacle of your career.

This is one of Patrick Tucker’s life-guiding principles that has helped him build his company with a foundation of learning, a passion for teaching, and a dedication to bringing education to his community and the world at large.

Finding True Measure Wealth Management
Patrick is the founder of True Measure Wealth Management, where he is on a mission to help and educate society about Finance and business. Patrick Tucker is passionate about this because he believes Finance is a part of human existence that is intricately woven into the everyday life of every American. he has often asked:

“How can I invest, save, spend, and return money wisely and profitably for my
family and me?”

As a financial advisor and teacher, he realized a lot of Americans do not understand how to keep their finances safe and manageable. A Lot of adults are completely unaware of how to work on credit and debits, so they end up living
from paycheck to paycheck.

Tucker realized the scary reality of the gap left unfilled by the education system where kids and teenagers are never taught the crucial skill they need in personal Finance. So Patrick Tucker decided to become an educator.Tucker began coaching students, some of whom were novices and others who were seasoned business owners and entrepreneurs.

He always advises them to invest wisely and understand the value of the money they have earned in order to make ends meet. Patrick Tucker’s goal is to turn all of our youth into money-savvy entrepreneurs. That is why Patrick Tucker made the critical decision to start a sidebusiness.

He founded an NGO to raise funds for charitable children by encouraging
healthy activities such as good habits and giving a fun approach for kids to learn
about the “business of life.”

Patrick Tucker considered that leveraging the influence of cartoon characters to choose a message was a great technique to teach kids that was superior to other possibilities. He understands what a child needs to comprehend these skills at such a young age because he is a learner himself.

Patrick Tucker founded True Measure, a financial consulting firm that assists
independent financial advisors in implementing effective marketing strategies to expand their consulting services. Patrick believes that it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel in order to be successful in business and that analyzing what is already in place in the financial advisory world and adapting it to your specific business can lead to greater engagement success.

His advice motivates thousands of advisors to
improve their skills and, as a result, to better serve their clients. Patrick has helped over 10,000 people to date, and his teachings are working well for his students.

Why is True Measure Wealth Management different from every other financial advisory firm?

At True Measure Wealth Management and his team are focused on offering clients
personalized help instead of selling products and services that might be of no value to clients.

Patrick has a team of like-minded, ambitious, driven, and motivated educators who take into consideration the personality, habits, lifestyle, and needs of their clients before developing a comprehensive plan tailored to every client.

Tucker and his team are lifelong learners who have an arsenal of financial knowledge at their disposal, and with this broad base of knowledge, they deliver results and turn client’s dreams into realization. At True Measure Wealth Management, Tucker and his team are interested in answering the thought

Patrick Tucker studied consulting firms, took online courses, studied human behavior, found mentors, studied social psychology and the human heart to obtain this core information. Tucker’s drive and positive attitude aided him in quickly adapting to the pandemic.

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