Paul Hernandez and His Rise as an Innovative Music Influencer and Recording Artist

If you don’t already know Paul Hernandez, you will soon. He is becoming known in the music industry as an influencer and artist who consistently colors out of the lines by pushing the bar higher every single time. The 27-year old acquired popularity by juggling music while providing artists’ development services.

Additionally, his devotion to seeing others succeed has made a tremendous impact on his brand’s success, ‘Paul Hernandez Music.’ When it comes to laying the foundations of his musical releases, Hernandez produces eye-catching and unendingly engaging audio-visuals so tempting you end up bopping to the soundtrack days after the fact. That is his God-given gift: an inborn capacity to anticipate what will catch your eye and keep you needing more.

For quite a while, Paul Hernandez has been bursting his way, expanding his impact and strolling proudly in his calling. Since delivering his debut mixtape released under his self-titled label – ‘Deeper Things’—he’s demonstrated to be both reliable and unpredictable in his methodology.

The commitment to finishing what he started has acquired him a stack of soaring records, high applause from his musical peers, and recognition in parts of Europe and across the US. His pop hit “Little Bit” was perceived by iHeart Radio’s Emerging Artist Program, and besides piling up over 100,000+ streams across all streaming platforms around the world. 2021s Paul Hernandez will hit another stratosphere, creatively and commercially.

Thinking Longevity and Innovate

A crucial key to Paul’s success: he is not a follower. His willingness to seek new mediums and take risks with innovative marketing has been one of the most significant contributing factors to his success.

Earlier this year, he released a book titled “How to Sell Your Music Online,” a sheer blueprint for artists and musicians to effectively engage with their fans and give their songs the celebration they deserve. It’s not about the accolades or accomplishments; it isn’t about merely setting goals but also creating and developing systems to sustain those goals. That, in the end, is what will be viable. Paul Hernandez adds from one of his recent tweets, “If you want to leave a legacy, you need to do the legwork.”

What’s Next?

Paul Hernandez has demonstrated that he’s here for the long haul. We hope to be confronted with further brand expansion and hear more fantastic ear candy because of his remarkable capacity to make noise and make good music. We expect more personal engagement, loads of digital promoting efforts, and a reputed appearance in the TV and media space. One thing is also sure, his star force will keep on growing.

Follow Paul’s journey: @paulhernandezmusic on IG.

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