Paula Weckerle : a True Balance of Inner and Outer Beauty.

“You should finish your studies and figure your head out. The modeling industry can be very tough, so you have to be mentally there.” Advises the professional model.

Inner beauty is that golden, ethereal glow – translucent even – that very few can articulate or replicate by the sheer power of will. Speaking to this, model Paula Weckerle is like being diffused in that shimmer and being told in a sensible and heartfelt manner that inner beauty is simply the result of a basic equation. Strong mental health plus finding the right niche for your skillset equals beauty.

Along with her victorious modeling career, Weckerle proponents mental health so utterly in her being that her most key piece of advice to newcomers within the modeling world is to, “To start modeling at a very young age is not a good thing. The industry doesn’t want super young models anymore because young models need to have their mental health on point.”

While some may think that modeling and a passion for psychology do not go concertedly, this insightful model, with beauty in both mind and body, proves that the two are not mutually exclusive. “I love it because you get to know people,” she responds when asked about modelling.

Feasibly her aptitude and respect for mental health come from investigating it in such detail. For Weckerle, beauty is the perfect combination of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.
In addition, it is clear that mental complement is a cornerstone of success for her – education being at the forefront of this success.

When asked to provide advice for model enthusiasts, she said, “Good advice for girls that want to start modeling is that they should watch a lot of videos online, on Youtube, on fashion shows, study a little bit more on the topic because it’s actually a very nice profession. Very difficult, but also, it is very honorable.” She goes on to discuss her hopes and dreams for the future: “I want to validate my diploma. I want to be a psychologist or a therapist here in the USA, and I want to help people with addiction management.”

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