Pawan Yadav: The Success Story of a Young Tech Entrepreneur

For a decade, the power of social media has increased rapidly and now it has become the need of everyone.

Pawan Yadav is a 23-year old self-made first-generation entrepreneur with big dreams to bring a revolution in the digital marketing field. He has made his way to the moons with his full dedication and determination to follow his passion. Pawan is known to be a very dedicated person to his work.

Pawan Yadav is the proud CEO and founder of India’s main digital advertising agency, Volatile Branding which provides various online services to individuals or brands or organizations to grow their presence in the virtual world and build their fruitful convincing Brand identity. He also manages the social media profiles of various politicians and helping them to create Political Buzz right before the election.

He has been passionately working all time to complete his goals. Whatever Pawan has achieved at the young age of 22, might be everyone’s desire, but he believes that there is much far way ahead. He is the source of inspiration for youngsters of their age. Pawan had faced many challenges and step-backs when he first began his journey. But he never gave up to pursue his passion.

With the out-of-box political campaigns run by Pawan, it became easier for political parties to target every single voter on a large scale. He also helps various Bollywood artists to engage their content or song with mass audiences making them well renowned in a hefty fee. Pawan is full of sharp attitude, charisma, and a catchy sense of humor, which makes him ahead of his competitors.

Mr. Yadav is fond of traveling, although is has a busy schedule, but anyhow he manages his team for fulfilling his hobbies of adventure and bike riding. Pawan also holds a PGDM Degree in Advertisements and Brand Management from Amity University.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.