Paybotic’s Women in Finance & Technology Scholarship Can Help You Change the World

Paybotic’s CEO and Co-Founder Eveline Dang knows what it’s like to be a woman surrounded by men in the tech industry. Along with Co-Founder Max Miller and a team of talented individuals, Dang brought to life an affordable payment solution for the cannabis industry. The company has recently announced its Paybotic Women in Finance & Technology Scholarship, which will help other women who are interested in the finance or tech industries.

Nearly a decade in the making, Paybiotic solves a frustrating problem in the burgeoning cannabis industry. The continued legalization of cannabis at the state level  has increased the number of retailers, both virtual and physical. However, payment solutions lagged as technology advanced, and some traditional institutions refused to work with these new businesses.

What started as the brainchild of two college peers has grown into a suite of financial services, including payment software, accounts, payroll software, cash management, etc. Paybotic can now add philanthropy to this list.

Paybiotic Announces New Scholarship for Women in STEM

Paybotic will award three $2,500 scholarships this June for a total of $7,500. If you apply before May 1st, you could be one of three lucky applicants who receive a notification of the scholarship award in their inbox in June. To qualify, you might be a woman in undergraduate or graduate school in a STEM field.

The online process is convenient for applicants. You’ll need to create an account with The application requires a short essay–between 400 and 600 words–about a woman leader who has inspired you and your plans to become a leader in your career.

One Woman Entrepreneur Pays It Forward

With this scholarship, you can be one step closer to realizing your dreams and bringing to life innovative solutions that could revolutionize the world we live in. That’s exactly what Eveline Dang wants to see more women do. In her own words, she “hope[s] to provide others with inspiration to achieve and exceed their goals, and to become successful in the finance and technology fields.”

You can follow in the footsteps of trailblazing women entrepreneurs like Eveline Dang, who has battled the odds created by cultural and language barriers as a Vietnam-born student. Paybotic’s scholarship is just one example of how STEM careers are becoming more accessible to women. Scholarship winners might one day find themselves similarly inspiring the next generation’s women–or even working next to Dang herself!

Many people wish for a playing field where leaders and management of top companies, including those in fintech, are just as likely to be women as they are to be men. This shift will allow society to tap creative minds from more diverse backgrounds, ultimately working toward a brighter future. And Paybotic’s scholarship is just one puzzle piece contributing to that overall picture.

Apply for the Paybotic Women in Finance and Technology Scholarship or learn more about Paybotic. You can also follow Paybotic on Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram to keep up with the cannabis financial company’s latest news.

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