PDFbear Guide: Learning How To Add Page Numbers To Portable Document Format Using An Online Tool

It is given that a PDF file has restrictions that do not allow any user to modify its contents. Having the difficulties of needing to change something about its contents is still a challenging task to do. However, with the help of PDFBear, which is a third-party online tool, you can easily modify a PDF file to your advantage.

One of the most complicated things that most individuals are having difficulties with is adding page numbers to your PDF file. It may sound easy at first, but the amount of effort and time you should invest in simply adding a number page to a PDF file is extensive. Hence, the usefulness of an online tool to make everything at ease.

The online tool that allows you to add a page number to your Portable Document Format or PDF file is one of the most underrated online tools that only a few individuals know. In this article, we will venture and learn how to effectively use PDFBear as our handy tool in facing difficulties and challenges as we use PDF files in our daily document activities.

Things You Should Know About PDFBear

PDFBear is an online tool serving the public with numerous online tools and various features that allow you to use their website with convenience. It is recommended by many individuals that are having trouble handling their PDF files. Hence, the overall effectiveness of their website to help the public document needs.

Their platform is battle-tested by many individuals who are seeking an online tool for their PDF file difficulties. The most famously known online tools in their platform are converting from format to format. You can also use the underrated online tools like Add Page Numbers to PDF, Merge PDF, Split PDF, Delete PDF Pages, Compress PDF, Repair PDF, and more.

How To Add Number Page with PDFBear

You can easily add a number page with PDFBear without investing a lot of effort and time. You only need to prepare your device, which will become a tool to connect to a reliable internet connection to avoid interruptions while converting to the PDFBear website. It is also essential that your device is saved into the device of your choice to upload it into their system.

The overall platform of PDFBear is made to become user-friendly to everybody. Hence, every online tool that can be found on their homepage will also have a comprehensive step-by-step procedure on how you can properly and effectively use the online tool that you have chosen in the first place. Here is how you can Add number pages to your PDF file.

  1. The first step is adding a number of pages to your PDF file. You will need to select the PDF file from your device and upload it into the cloud storage of PDFBear. Your PDF file will be scanned and recognized to prepare for the next step of this conversion process.
  2. As your PDF file is being uploaded and inspected by the system of PDFBear. All you need to do is wait for it to be completed. This might take you a minute or two, depending on the file size and how reliable is your internet connection. Make sure that you have a good connection to avoid interruptions that might lead to damaging the PDF file.
  3. In the third step of this conversion process. You will need to select the proper position on where you want to put the page number. It is recommended to put it on the upper right and lower right part of every page. However, if you’re going to be unique. You can follow your preferred page number position.
  4. The fourth and final step is to click the “Number Pages” if you are already satisfied with the positioning of your page number. Once you are satisfied, you can now download the newly modified PDF file into your device. It can also save it into online storage or directly share it online by giving the URL link provided.


It is a challenging thing to modify a PDF file without using an online tool in the first place. Hence, the overall effectiveness of using an online tool like PDFBear to make our life easier and better than ever. We take advantage of having a reliable online tool ready to face the difficulties of handling a PDF file. We are in good hands with PDFBear as it is available to help us when in need.

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