Pearl West Group Chairman Jason Kwan Encourages Entrepreneurs to Pursue Curiosity

Curiosity is an essential trait for an entrepreneur. The statement “curiosity killed the cat” may be well known. But many people may be less familiar with the second half of the saying “satisfaction brought it back.” That rejoinder encourages entrepreneurs to be curious because it can be rewarding.

Jason Kwan, Chairman of the Pearl West Group, attributes his own entrance into entrepreneurship and his success to his curiosity.

Curiosity is Essential

Entrepreneurs must be curious to explore and learn from the world around them. “The more curious you are, the more you learn, and the more you’ll want to learn,” says Kwan. Success is a byproduct of learning. He believes that if you’re curious about something, ultimately, you will be successful at it. “It’s tough to become a successful entrepreneur if you’re not curious about the many aspects of starting and growing a business.”

Humans are Born to Explore

When we observe a young child, we note that they are usually inquisitive and constantly desire to touch, smell, taste, and listen to everything around them. This is evidence of the fact that human beings are born to explore and be curious. Curiosity is ingrained in all of us.

“We were born to explore, learn and discover things, but this desire fades with age if we don’t nurture it.” 

Kwan also shared that curiosity is also an important aspect of the hiring process at the Pearl West Group. “One of the most prominent traits that we look for is curiosity when it comes to hiring because it’s a prerequisite to learning and ultimately to success. Suppose we’re looking for a web designer. In that case, we want that person to be passionate and curious about the art of web design, likewise for supply chain, operations, marketing, selling on Amazon, managing people, and everything else.”

Curiosity helps us to overcome challenges 

Entrepreneurs know that great risk leads to even greater rewards. Even if the converse is also true, i.e., great risk can also lead to failure, curiosity propels an entrepreneur to take the risk with a focus on the possibility of achieving success. “For me, curiosity and the desire to learn more helped me overcome many challenges and obstacles when starting. It helped me overcome my fear of rejection because it motivates you to keep pushing each time you are told ‘no’ until you finally get a ‘yes.’ Curiosity is an essential lifelong asset, and I recommend not letting it fade. You can always find something you’re curious about.”

There are numerous paths to becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, it is a fact that a successful entrepreneur is curious, always ready, and willing to learn more.

Kwan concludes by saying, “there are many paths to success, whether an entrepreneur or an artist or a professional athlete, but one denominator is that you have a genuine curiosity and passion about a specific knowledge, and success will follow. It’s healthy to have a perspective that every situation is a learning opportunity.”

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