Pefoma: The One-Stop-Shop for Rising Musical Talent to Monetize Audio-Visual Content

Pefoma is a fresh, live streaming social media platform launching on the 1st of March in 2021, specifically tailored to up and coming independent artists to monetize content. Using total transparency with monetization, the artist is in full control of their earnings (100% of revenue) since Pefoma does not take fees from the artist and is free to join. Fans of all genres can support their favourite rising stars with a catalog of audio-visual content and features, enabling musicians to share videos and images on one platform and generate revenue by creating live-streaming performances and posting exclusive content. Founder Steven Arinze found a gap in the music technology market when he noticed the boom in digital technology, yet there was no platform specifically curated for artists to get discovered, build their following, create visibility and make money.

Arinze states, “Pefoma is a new way for artists to get discovered, engage fans and get paid without agents or labels as the middlemen. It has been built specifically for the artist and they are in full control. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon and YouTube are saturated with other talent streams, making it hard for artists to stand out and be noticed. This directly affects earning ability and limits visibility. Giving artists a true plug-and-play solution for them to put on live shows for a paying audience, and in these trying times, enabling them to tap into an alternative revenue stream.”

Free for both artists and fans, there are no subscription models or in-app purchases to unlock any functions on Pefoma. Fans around the globe can join Pefoma and discover local and international musical talent. Artists control the fees fans pay to access their livestreams and exclusive content. Fans pay for access using Pefoma coins and ALL coins earned are sent directly to the artists wallet. The value of a coin to an Artist is a set amount (£0.008) across the platform and does not change. Pefoma does not take a percentage of the revenue, which ensures that artists get 100% of their earnings.

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