“People Will Never Stop Listening to Radio” Says Mumbai Based RJ Palak Khurana

RJ Palak Khurana also further speaks her heart out on the importance of ‘Radio’ in today’s fast-paced digital world.
RJ Palak has always believed that every medium has its own charm, has its own pros and cons, and also has its own audience but people will never stop listening to Radio in spite of the availability of many other different media in the world.
RJ Palak Khurana who hosts an evening show in one of the most prominent radio stations in Mumbai talks about the relevance of radio in today’s time. She herself and other radio professionals are familiar with these kinds of questions considering the changing landscape of the media industry these days.
RJ Palak believes that every medium has its own charm, has its own pros and cons, and has its own audience. She talks about radio being the ultimate core local medium and digital or national news channels won’t care about your water shortage, that pothole in your area, or if the vaccine drive is happening or not. Around the world, some of the biggest stories and changes have been brought by local news/radio outlets.
She asserts Radio is a two-way medium unlike any other, where a caller can call unload his or her heart, win prizes play contests, and add a little sparkle to his daily mundane life.
RJ Palak, when asked about streaming services and the growing podcast industry she explains that “Nowadays every radio station is creating and delivering fantastic content including podcasts along with enthralling the audiences with live Gupshup, talking to the local janta and constantly raising voice for community development”.
She happily counts a number of occasions where radio stations have made a difference by holding authorities accountable, be it a pothole or building a toilet, or helping students with computers during pandemics.
RJ Palak admits and says, “Yes there are certain challenges given that a lot of smartphones don’t have radio and the fact digital content has taken over the world but having said that every medium has its own audience its unlikely people will stop listening to the radio while driving /cooking /traveling or just looking at the rains on a rainy evening.
With the advent of Netflix and Amazon, cable tv did not go out of business, and neither will Radio.
Radio stations are becoming a holistic hub for entertainment be it digital, music, podcasts, humor, songs and much more so just keep tuning in because radio is built on the love and trust of the listeners”.
Further, the RJ adds,
It is also a fact that if you don’t embrace the change you stand a chance to go extinct, it has happened with various species and it can happen to time-tested formulas as well. But with the Radio Industry which is loved by everyone and now surviving almost for the last hundred years, will be able to function for more hundred years with ease for sure.

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