Performing Exceptionally Well in the Digital Space- Brandon Mimms

Mr.  Brandon  Mimms is a  social media expert. He handles various social media pages across all platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter and helps companies and celebrities to grow their reach and name through social media. At present, he co-owns and manages The North Pole Company, a new Niagara company that provides giveaway contests, prizes, and gifts for this holiday season. He also co-owns Sessions with Santa, which provides parents the ability to live chat or get a personalized video from Santa.

Brandon Mimms recounting how he started as an entrepreneur

Brandon hails from the city of  Niagara  Falls,  a  tourism-focused city in the southern peninsula of Ontario Canada. Soon after high school, Mimms decided to follow his passion and pursue an education in Sales and Marketing. After graduating, he began working to pay his bills while experimenting and creating content for his first Twitter account. Mimms carefully studied popular pages, content, and the audience that came along with it. Through vigorous trial and error, Mimms struck gold, one of his strategies skyrocketed his following at times gaining  10K  to  20K  followers in a  week-long stretch. Ultimately his page surpassed 500K and the opportunities began to flood in. Advertisers, companies, and influencers all started reaching out to him to promote their services on his account. Mimms saw a surge of capital, in sums of which he had never seen in his life. It was at this point Mimms knew he was onto something extravagant.

Brandon explaining his growth in digital marketing

Brandon says that he became well recognized in the social media world for his bold acquisitions and his innate ability to get content to go viral. Alongside his prowess, he also owns pages in which he has accumulated over  10  Million in following.  He  owns  big-time  pages  like  @USA,  @Shoes,  and

@SantaClaus. Mimms also works with multinational corporations such as PUBG   mobile and Runescape, as well as with several verified artists and NHL players. Brandon Mimms has truly become an icon in the world of social media.  As he continues to dominate this space his success inspires countless others down the same path.

About The North Pole Company & Sessions with Santa

The North Pole Company, as explained by Brandon, is a new Niagara business that aims at making a difference this holiday season  (2020).  It is a  promotions strategist and an influencer marketing organization focusing on providing giveaway contests, prizes, and gifts to its social media followers, and the Niagara community. The main reason for doing these activities around Christmas time is to give back to the Niagara community who may not be able to afford Christmas presents this year due to the ongoing pandemic.  Currently,  the  company  operates  several  Instagram  pages  such  as

@thegrinch, @niagarafalls, @usa, and more.

Sessions with Santa was established to fill a void in the marked left due to the pandemic. Brandon’s team provides either a live chat or a pre-recorded video with Santa. This allows parents to still get all the benefits of seeing Santa while avoiding the hassle of shopping malls and large crowds.

A valuable piece of advice given by Brandon

Brandon believes that one should not let anyone discourage him/her, because if one is passionate and honest, he/she will make it. Also, one should not be influenced by others’ opinions of what one should do with his life/career because at the end of the day it’s one’s life and he has to be proud of what he puts his name on.

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