Persuasion Expert Reveals Consequences of Less Face-to-Face Meetings and Increased Screen Time

Greg Upah specializes on how sales is pivoting due to the pandemic, with less face-to-face interactions and an increase in Zoom meetings, screens and technology. His book “Sales Talks: SIX SECRETS TO WINNING PRESENTATIONS, EFFECTIVE CLOSES, AND THINK-ON-YOUR-FEET-TACTICS THAT SEAL DEALS” touches upon the idea that no matter what industry one works in, people continue making fundamental mistakes when it comes to sales, and it can be as simple as not listening, and assuming! Most salespeople sound like a script, acting on what is learned in the past, failing to adapt and lacking confidence– Upah teaches readers how to turn this around. Personal stories illustrate how to overcome thoughts or actions that inhibit sales effectiveness.

Greg says, “It’s time to get back to in-person meetings and away from electronic ones. There is no substitute for ‘breaking bread’ with your customer to keep and win their business. Young people who works at Chic Fil A and Starbucks get more personal sales experience and develop more life skills than students who attend business schools, but lack that experience.”

Upah had his ‘aha’ moment and wrote the book after his involvement in the Texas A&M Sales Program, similar to a lab for research on sales effectiveness. He continues, “The world needs to be reminded that everyone is in sales and they need new perspectives and continuing education to get better at their sales craft.”

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More about Greg Upah

Greg Upah draws from a wealth of sales and presentation experiences in academia, advertising, and financial services. He served as an Associate Research Director for the new business team at Young & Rubicam Advertising before becoming the Director of Institutional Marketing for the Asset Management Group at Merrill Lynch. Greg has successfully established relationships with major corporations and high-net-worth individuals around the globe. Prior to his careers in advertising and investment management, Greg was a marketing professor at Virginia Tech and an adjunct associate professor at the Stern School of Business at NYU. Greg graduated from the University of Notre Dame, and has a Ph.D in marketing from the University of Illinois. He has published articles in a variety of journals including the Journal of Marketing. He is currently focused on helping organizations improve their client presentation capabilities.

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