Peter Jideonwo on How Social Media is a Game-Changer in an Artist’s Rise to Fame

With the global pandemic COVID-19 still clinging across the globe, it is anybody’s guess what the world will look like tomorrow. The internet has been a wonderful tool for self-motivation and preservation in this global scenario so far. And social media has become a boon for all those people stuck at home. It has also helped artists. Peter Jideonwo Chuckwudi shares how social media has become the gamechanger in an artist’s rise to power.

Chuckwudi is a social media entrepreneur who has been managing other people’s works online for a really long time now. He used to manage singer Juice WRLD’s day-to-day and even helped him to develop his career. “Artists need someone to believe in them. It is the only way they can move forward in their chose careers,” said Chuckwudi.

Musicians as a group of artists rarely earn enough money through sale of their music. What makes them money is their live performances and shows which reach a larger audience in a physical space. “Social media has really been a boon like that, if I am honest. You can connect with the audience and excite them about the possibility of a live performance for which they are willing to show up. This helps an artist quite a lot,” added Chuckwudi.

Chuckwudi is a promoter for the artists that he develops. He did the math on social media profiles, built community reach by the artists in order to better develop them. He got a ton of info from Spotify and Instagram to create an analytical profile of the artists he manages. Chuckwudi said, “It is easy enough to know where your market is when you have the data. If you read social media like a book, you can focus exclusively on your audience and what they like and serve them better.”

For artists, the pandemic has brought them even closer to their target audience than ever before. Now, social media and their presence on it is more important than ever. Interaction with the audience is much more useful and transparent than the interaction on live shows and this can change the game quite a bit for artists everywhere!

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