Phoenix-Based Rock Band Radiofix Treat Music Lovers With a Brand New Album!

Everyone loves to enjoy new music. After all, nothing is as therapeutic like songs. The year 2021 has begun and Phoenix-based rock band Radiofix is all set to enthrall fans with a smashing new 11-track album. The band consists of Daniel Charles Martin (Vocals/Guitar), Benjamin Thurston (Bass), and Tim Schultz (Drums). The singer/guitarist of the band Daniel Martin has opened up about the new album which will make everyone excited.

Daniel Martin says, “We believe music is the key to helping people feel like they’re not alone, like there is something out there bigger than themselves, whether you’re feeling elated or sad, there is music out there that can get you centered, and that’s the music we want to make for people. ”

Radiofix singer Daniel Martin says that he and his band members have played a lot of music in different ways. Every time they come together, they end up creating something special that resonates with their fans and music lovers. That’s why they want to keep doing it for as long as they can.

A song becomes a hit with how the tune and lyrics connect with people. The trio makes sure that every song they create has a story to tell which connects to the strings of people’s hearts. It’s songs like these by Radiofix that make people hear them again and again.

Their latest album is called ‘Meet Me At The End’. Revealing some details, Radiofix Singer Daniel Martin says “This compilation of 11 tracks is definitely the most diverse we have ever put together. It blends traditional alternative rock and roll with melodic and piano forward songs, all of which are strongly hinged on the lyric storylines, which we believe is what sets us apart”.

One can listen to Radiofix’s songs and connect with them by clicking on the links mentioned below:

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