Photographer imagesbyahmadj Gives Tips on How to Become A Successful Photographer.

Imagesbyahmadj, originally named Ahmad Jordan aka PitchaMane, was born on January 11th, 1995. The famous photographer is well-known among the masses for his creativity and unique photography skills. Amazingly, the life of imagesbyahmadj went through the rollercoaster of adopting his passion for photography as his profession.

According to him, on June 6th, 2016, he bought a camera which was to fulfill his passion for photography. However, it was the time when he knew nothing about how to use the camera except for “clicking the button.” He almost thought of giving up his dream of becoming a regular photographer and worked as a bartender.

It was when the inner child forced him to pick his camera up and learn about all the camera settings such as lighting, angles changing, etc. This ultimately made him a successful and popular photographer among his competitors.

Following are some of the tips that he gives to the photography aspirants:

Work Hard

Imagesbyahmadj credits his success to his consistency and hard work. He says that hard work is the only key to become a successful photographer. To him, photography means as if it’s a freelancing where you are free to photoshoot all the time and anywhere without any restrictions. He says the journey of his becoming a professional photographer was never easy; he did several photoshoots every day and edited the photos in the night.

This helped him learn about lighting, compositions, various poses, advanced editing, and other photography concepts. This took him many years to have a grip on photography skills.

Imagesbyahmadj also put a light on the fact even if you think that you have aced all the necessary skills to become professional in this profession. Yet, you should never leave working hard and always arrange photography shoots in your free time for your constant building concepts and skills.

Do What You Want to Do

Imagesbyahmadj says that he is not sure if this is a trick or not; however, he follows a simple trick, i.e., doing what you want to do. He arranges photo shoots both indoors and outdoors, of nature and casual, of fashion, beauty, and portraits. Although people expect him to photoshoot of their choice, yet he never forgets about what he loves and tries to learn new things off and on. He loves doing photoshoots per his mood and never recommends restricting yourself to a monotonous kind of photography.

Take Rest

Further guiding, imagesbyahmadj recommends managing your work. You should always stop and rest, recharge yourself, search for or rediscover your ideals.

Try New Things

According to imagesbyahmaj, you must try new things as a photographer because this will help you understand yourself and make progress. Also, get out of your comfort zone and try new lighting, different compositions, and different environments, and see what happens. This could be a complete disaster, or there may be surprises! You will get to know all this once you start succeeding and failing to become a complete package.

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