Physical Therapy Just Got Easier: The Story of Priyanka Jariwala

Unquestionably, injuries and illnesses are a big nuisance. They lurk in the background and rear their heads in the most inopportune time; like when you have just started working at your dream company. Thankfully, science presents many ways to deal with them.

One of those ways is physical therapy. Physical therapy combines processes such as manual therapy, movement, and function analysis to provide rehabilitation and restore function for those who are recovering from injury or illness. One person championing this discipline is Priyanka Jariwala PT, MS. “If I had to choose a career path all over again, it would still be in physical therapy,” she says.

Priyanka specializes in orthopedics, sports-related injuries, and human kinesiology. “People come to me with various issues and complexities, but I help them manage their condition,” she says. “My work restores mobility, flexibility, strength, and range of motion.”

For several years, Priyanka has been helping victims of accidents and debilitating diseases get back on their feet. A 26-year old skier is one of her former clients. After an accident, he was unsure if he could return to skiing, but that was until he met Priyanka. “My doctor told me I was in a bad way. Things did not look so good until I met Priyanka,” he recalls.

Priyanka worked her magic on him for 10 months after his knee surgery, and the result was a complete rehabilitation. “My knee felt great after all 3 days of skiing,” he said, smiling.

Priyanka practices at Performance Rehabilitation, a physical therapy clinic based in Yonkers, New York. The clinic provides a wide range of therapeutic services to clients. Perhaps, their main attribute is the fact that they do not have a waiting list. They schedule patients within 1 to 3 days of booking in order to avoid overcrowding.

With Priyanka’s help, Performance Rehabilitation is making great strides in the physical therapy industry. In fact, back in 2021, the clinic won the coveted title of “’s Best Physical Therapy Center In Yonkers.”

“I am not slowing down anytime soon,” Priyanka reveals. “If people need a hand, I will be there to lend it. I was raised to believe good begets good. While I am not one for cliches, my instinct is to be the difference I want to see in the world.”

Priyanka’s coworkers describe her as driven, client-focused, and kind. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that she was included on the list of the Top 3 Physical Therapists in Yonkers by ThreeBestRated . She recalls feeling proud and humbled to have made the list. “It meant a lot to me. Of course, I do not do this for recognition, but I felt very proud.”

Regarding the future of the physical therapy industry, Priyanka believes it is a bright one. “In my opinion, the industry has got a lot of potential. I feel it is an important part of healthcare. I think physical therapists, in general, play a huge role in the daily lives of their patients. ”That is why I am eager to participate in more education programs to promote the profession and share the importance of the work that we do. I would also like to be a part of an outreach program to spread awareness about common conditions which can benefit from a successful physical therapy rehabilitation.”

Priyanka hopes others will follow in her footsteps. “I hope many young people will decide to take up a career in physical therapy. It offers a lot by way of personal and professional development. You also get to connect with some amazing individuals and help enrich the lives of others. Above all else, it is fulfilling,” she assures.

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