Pierre Subeh: An Unstoppable Young Achiever

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Pierre Subeh is an eminent author, business expert, and award-winning executive producer. He is mostly known for advocating Middle-Eastern representation and pushing the U.S. Department of State & The White House under the Biden-Harris administration to recognize April as the national Arab American.

Early on in his career, he focused on studying the psychology of human behaviour and the science behind efficient productivity. Pierre was awarded as a young entrepreneur when at a very mere age of 17, he owned a 6-figure profitable business.

As a passionate and dedicated person, makes frequent TV appearances across North America and the Middle East for his business expertise to make people more aware. He is a natural leader when it comes to managing teams and creating successful ventures.

His efforts and dedication in officially recognizing April as The Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM) is notable and is known worldwide. The recognition of April as the National Arab American Heritage Month by the Department of State was mainly influenced by independent advocate efforts across the United States calling for inclusivity. But most notably the petition and social change campaign were by Pierre Subeh.

Pierre Subeh orchestrated a self-funded social awareness campaign with over 250 billboards across the country asking the Federal government to recognize the month of April as the National Arab American Heritage Month and issue an official proclamation.

His social change campaign called the recognition to be critical as it celebrates Middle Eastern heritage in combatting post 9/11 anti-Arab sentiments and recognizing the social difficulties that Arab Americans face every day in their communities. Pierre Subeh makes a significant part of the modern history of Arab Americans with his accomplishments.

In 2021, he openly criticized The Academy Awards for not having enough Arab-American representation, which picked up the media attention of the largest magazines and publications in the world to interview him. In 2021, he was invited as a judge of honour to the American Business Awards where he judged over 221 submissions and helped determine the winners of “Best in Business”.

Pierre as a social worker is willing to contribute to society and believes that no matter how much you earn, your position in society, or the friends supporting your journey, it can never match living a life with a purpose. Knowing that you have made a positive impact in society comes with a natural, fulfilling, and motivating feeling that drives you to achieve tremendous success in life. To know more, follow Pierre Subeh on:

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