Pinky Kaith: Fitness Mogul, Entrepreneur, and Mom of Two

Turning any dream into a reality is not an easy feat. Turning it into a lucrative business is even harder, especially when you are also a mom to two busy teenagers and a wife.

Meet Pinky Kaith.  She has been a hard-driving entrepreneur ever since she opened her first business 18 years ago, a bricks-and-mortar skincare and cosmetics salon. She opened the doors 21 days after the birth of her first child.  While many women were taking their much due maternity leave, Pinky figured out how to run a successful business and be a good mom.

So, it was no surprise when she returned to work just four days after the birth of her second child, a son. She was committed to running her business with stitches and a new-born baby behind the counter. Extreme?

Perhaps. But you only have to speak with Pinky to feel her passion and infectious energy to know that this woman does not do anything less than 100%. Anyone else, and we might think, is she crazy? But you have to speak with her to know that she is driven, earnest and her desire to succeed is more potent than any physical challenges or rejections.

We all know that when we give in an unbalanced way, we pay for it one way or another. Her business flourished. Her children were happy and healthy. But because of her lifestyle, working long hours, grabbing fast food and meals, her physical body and energy took the hit.  She was tired, fat, and fed up.

Jump ahead 14 years, and now Pinky Kaith has reinvented herself. She learned how to develop healthier habits, eat to fuel her body, and incorporate exercise. Now she is succeeding at teaching and helping others do the same.

“Working 1:1 with all of my clients, I learned that there was a strong connection to common skin conditions like acne, rosacea or premature aging with poor eating habits,” Kaith commented, “So now I can help all of my clients from the inside out, addressing weight loss with nutritional guidance.”

Hard work drives this woman. She thrives on the challenge of breaking down a client’s struggle and then supporting them through their progress and success. She is as passionate about gut health as she was about skincare routines. She cannot stress enough the importance of managing stress if you want a flatter belly, making bloating and possible food reactions a thing of the past.

It is no surprise that Pinky Kaith has been helping women feel good about themselves, inside and out, for the past 18 years!

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