Piran Tarapore: “I Chose to Follow My Dreams Early On, and There Was No Looking Back”

Many people never chase their dreams for fear of failure. It takes real courage to pursue our ambitions even when they might not work out. Filmmaker Piran Tarapore is a big dreamer who has worked hard and is now watching his dreams come true, right before his very eyes.

According to a study published on “Civilized,” only 10% of people grow up to have the job they wanted as a teenager.  Tarapore’s dream was always to become a filmmaker, which is precisely where his young career is headed. Despite the fact that Bollywood is a small and intimate circle of actors and directors, Tarapore has been able to get a foot in the door. He has broken into the Bollywood scene by working on superhits such as “Gully Boy,” “Dream Girl,” and “Mission Mangal” – the 2019 film based on the true events that lead to India’s Mars Orbiter Mission.

Tarapore’s first career was as a digital entrepreneur. While skilled in the digital industry, he always knew that his end goal was to be a filmmaker. His hard work, dedication and discipline helped him establish himself as a name to be reckoned with. Tarapore aims to make films that are widely received, in and outside of Bollywood. He wants to tackle filmmaking with a hands-on approach and deliver cinema that as a social impact.

Tarapore knows that he has a long road ahead, but he is confident that he’s on the right track. Why? Because he dares to envision it. According to Tarapore, every great thing that has ever happened has started with a dream.

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