Pitch59: Bringing Back Face-to-Face Business with Video Business Cards

Possibly one of the most difficult and yet effective ways to generate business leads is by word of mouth. And of course the current COVID environment only increases the difficulty. Most companies have transitioned to virtual networking platforms like Zoom, but small business owner, Pitch59 founder and CEO, Jeff Bitton, has rehumanized the process. He created a way  we can create interest in companies based on the quality of their service and the integrity of their staff, rather than how much the enterprise can afford to invest in advertising. 

“We believe you should be hired because of who you are, not because of how much you spend,” states Bitton on the Mission Matters Marketing podcast. “…We didn’t build Pitch59 to be a virtual business card- you can use it like that, 100 percent, and most of our customers do. We built it to be a pitching platform where you can pitch whatever it is you do for 59 seconds.”

Creating an option for any business or anyone that can sell their products or services better in person than they can online, opened up the door of possibilities for businesses to be able to generate connections by sharing their video greeting through text, email, airdrop, and QR code.

Designing your own “PitchCard” for your business only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and the platform offers a variety of ways to help create and upload your 59-second video pitch. It’s free to use and make an account, then building your authentic business outline can be done in three different ways. Users have the ability to upload content, schedule a video shoot through the app, or connect with a local videographer or editor through the search engine on Pitch59.

Doubling as a video review program, customers are able to leave real responses and personalized reviews of a company’s services or product. Using the virtual introduction card to link social media accounts and websites allows for increased traffic back to the business’s pages and highlights how the connections we make are important opportunities to create quality relationships. This sales and marketing swiss army knife can also be saved in virtual “pockets” on the app and automatically kept updated across all platforms when any changes are made.

Bitton was introduced to this model of connection when he started his first carpet cleaning and restoration business, building client relationships through door-to-door sales. Recognizing the challenges in the marketplace for small businesses to create impactful first impressions with solely written formats, Pitch59 gives the consumer the ability to work with people they can get to know, like, and trust.

Leapfrogging steep marketing costs with deceptive lead practices and bias rankings used at Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List, Pitch59 is a completely unbiased platform that has no ranking system or way to pay for a higher or better listing. 

With the intention of leveling the playing field for authentic networking and word of mouth marketing, Bitton introduced Pitch59 as a revolutionary method of letting business owners shape their voice without depending on the filter of search engines and lead generators. Instead of mission statements getting lost in long listings, this platform offers an opportunity to bring the human element back into the business equation. Create your own PitchCard or learn more about Bitton and Pitch59 at their website.

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