Popular Fashion Influencer Is Broadening Her Horizons to Travel, Wellness, and Beyond

If you have ever come across Lena’s Instagram page, you wouldn’t be forgetting it anytime soon. The sheer boldness of her fashion style has captivated over four million followers, who can’t wait to see the latest she comes up with. This popular fashion influencer has focused on fashion for the past three years but is now broadening her horizons to travel, wellness, beauty, and more.

Lena originally started her massively popular Instagram page as a way to take her mind off of the struggles of living with chronic illness. Ever since around 2000, she has suffered from a chronic illness that sometimes made her even consider shutting down her popular page. Thankfully, she persisted and stayed determined to inspire others with bright and colorful fashion, just as she becomes inspired.

Bags and heels are some of Lena’s favorite fashion accessories. There is no scarcity of these in her photoshoots. Dressing up colorfully is something that fills her soul with joy, and is a guaranteed pick-me-up. She quickly noticed that others enjoyed it as much as she did, leading to her meteoric rise to become one of the most popular fashion influencers on Instagram.

Dressing up makes her feel normal in a world where she suffers from something that most people don’t usually have to deal with. This hobby has become a form of therapy for her, which is another reason why she keeps going with it, even when it sometimes feel like it’s too much.

Branching Out Beyond Fashion

Lena has branched out beyond fashion in recent months. She has always enjoyed local, organic, fresh, and healthy food because she sees food as medicine. Her own health issues are what led her to pursue a healthy lifestyle, for the mind, body, and soul. The more she learned and applied to her own life, the more she wanted to share her successes with others. Having over four million followers on her Instagram page makes it a great way to help others.

Lena shares all sorts of tidbits about beauty and wellness, as well as travel and more, on her website Lena’s World. She has recently begun to share about the wonders of health regimens and routines like detox baths, meditations, juicing, and botanical serums. She’s also a travelaholic. It’s something that gives her a view into the lives of other people and cultures, which she finds incredibly rewarding. So far, she’s become the most mesmerized by Iceland and the Galapagos Islands. Coming a little closer to home, she enjoys traveling up to Big Sur and Utah. The feelings of serenity, tranquility, and peace help her cope more easily with her chronic illness.

If you take a look at Lena’s Instagram page, you will immediately notice that she loves bright, chic, and eye-catching colors. According to Lena, the bolder, the better. However, you’ll also get a healthy dose of wellness and travel-related content that is sure to inspire you.

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