Povo is Disrupting in NFT’s & Gaming Echo System – Play to Win & Reward on Holding.

Povo.finance is a blockchain game. It incorporates multiple innovative strategies occurring in decentralized finance, and integrates it with the blockchain gaming ecosystem to produce a reliable platform for both, gaming and investment.

It is a by-product of the most talked-about virtual ecosystems that have completely changed the narrative on digitization of the financial industry and gaming in particular.

Aim of Povo.finance is to provide gaming enthusiasts with an all-in-one platform, that entertains their gaming spirits along with an opportunity to avail traditional financial services, digitally.

As asked by the team of Povo.finance, the motto of creating this gaming platform was always this simple idea of entertainment and investment. The team describes it as the best game of the year, having a strong competitive edge over its counterparts. 

Adding further, Povo team is very confident regarding the technicalities of this platform, especially the security it provides to in-game assets and their monetization. The game provides NFTs as a secure means to keep the security intact. Furthermore, all smart contracts, and gaming protocols on the platform are audited by third parties to ensure no presence of any technical vulnerabilities.

Moving back to Povo’s gaming features, the game offers multiple new features to facilitate its user base. Povo offers, In-game item crafting, a skill to create one’s own items in the game, these items are then backed as NFTs as a means of true ownership of the item creator. Other features include, cross-chain interoperability, multiverse gaming, tokenize character items, introduction of gamer/dev tokens, dapp store and game studio integration. 

Besides assimilating these features in the game, this platform will also launch a staking pool for the gamers to provide them an investing opportunity to stake their rewards from the Povo game in this pool to generate a passive income. Staking & governance platform is going live right after presale and 27% of total supply is allocated for staking reward.

Reflation yield is another feature of POVO, holders will get reward on holding povo tokens in their wallet. After staking, this platform will later launch governance tokens too. These governance tokens will allow gamers to provide their valuable opinions through voting, for the advancements of Povo.finance platform. 

The Povo.finance platform will launch within 2 days. As a means to celebrate their launch, Povo is doing $25k worth of airdrop rewards in Povo tokens. Go visit their website to stand a chance, at their website.

Website: https://povo.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/povofinance

Telegram: https://t.me/povofin/

Email: povofinance@gmail.com

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