Power Up Your Business Website With This WordPress Plugin

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you surely know that more and more businesses are going online these days. Still wondering why?

That’s because going online is the best way to:

  • Expand your venture
  • Reach out to customers at a global level
  • Boost sales in ways that were unimaginable before

Naturally, countless businesses today have WordPress websites or blogs, as these are easy to create, manage, and update as and when necessary. You won’t need a significant amount of technical knowledge to get started on WordPress. However, to make it really work for you, you need a WordPress chat plugin.

Why Do You Need a Live Chat Plugin?

The e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving, and to stay ahead of the competition, you need to provide an interactive website or blog for your customers. A live chat for WordPress website can do exactly that by personalizing the shopping experience for potential buyers.

Live chat is a customer service channel that is more satisfying than emails or phone conversations, as e-Consultancy has found out. Why? By adopting a WordPress chat plugin, you can respond to customer queries instantly and thereby nudge them to make a purchase decision.

In other words, a live chat option on your blog or website can reduce instances of cart abandonment. Abandonment usually happens when a potential customer doesn’t receive the answers he needs and hence decides to leave your website. Live chat is a wonderful way to spread awareness about your brand and products, understand customer pain points, and encourage them to consider making a purchase. With a WordPress chat plugin, you can boost conversions and consequently sales.

Live Chat Plugins and Conversions

wordpress live chat software

The idea of adopting a live chat plugin for business is to make the customer’s experience better. Through live chat, you can provide the necessary support that a potential buyer needs before he can invest his money in your products. And, as mentioned above, the WordPress chat plugins today come with many features that can help measure the efficacy of all chats. But achieving conversions through live chat will take more than just choosing the right plugin. Here are the things you need to keep in mind as a business:

The human touch is crucial – Any business that wishes to keep potential customers engaged will have to hire chat support specialists who are specifically trained to handle customer queries and problems in a “human” way. In other words, when your website visitor is confused about which product to pick or is not sure if a certain product will help him, he will definitely want to talk to a real person.

Timely response – If you don’t want potential customers to get bored of waiting and switch to your competitors, your live chat has to be very responsive. Since human agents are involved in the process, tiredness and carelessness are likely to creep in. But regular training can help deal with this issue and ensure short response times.

A cost-effective option – There is no doubt about the fact that live chat is significantly cheaper than phone assistance. And a single support agent can easily handle multiple queries, which is not possible for phone calls. However, what you need to remember is that, if the number of unique website visitors increases, you should ideally hire more live chat experts to maintain quality.

Round the clock support – Using live chat for WordPress website means that you have to hire customer support agents for different shifts, usually three. After all, there is no way the same human can handle queries during the day as well as night. Though shifts can be expensive, you will need to compare the costs and benefits of such before making a decision. The other option is to employ chatbots as they won’t need breaks, rest, or holidays.

Forward-thinking businesses are also using human help during the day and chatbots during the night to handle customer queries.

Final conversion – We don’t need to emphasize that any business’s final objective is to convert website or blog visitors into paying customers, and a WordPress chat plugin can indeed come in handy for that. How? Human chat agents can converse better with a visitor, understand his problems more, and offer solutions more effectively.

This is more likely to positively impact the visitor’s purchase decision than using a chatbot. However, if you want your website to have a more proactive approach, using a chatbot can be useful as it will welcome all visitors with a predefined message. This can encourage visitors to open up as well.

To Conclude

For a business to succeed in the online world and attract more traffic as well as loyal customers, it is important to pick WordPress chat plugins with care. Owing to its human touch, problem-solving nature, and better engagement potential, live chat can undoubtedly drive lead generation and conversions.

It can also boost your brand image and credibility among those who are considering buying from you but haven’t taken the leap yet. However, only using live chat can be expensive in the long run, since round the clock availability can be a concern. So, using the right mix of live chat and AI-powered chatbots might be the key to your success and sustainability.

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