PR Pro Jonathan Jadali on Building a Business that Prioritizes the Client

Building a successful business from the ground up doesn’t come easy for most, especially if you’re in your early 20s and having the most experience is not your major strength. But, for 22-year-old Jonathan Jadali, any sort of obstacle for a young entrepreneur like himself can be overcome if you have the right professional mindset and a heart for your clients.

Here, Jadali talks about how his idea for his business came about and how he’s consistently sustaining it with grit and passion.

Ascending with Clients

It’s incredible how Jadali was able to capture his brand essence with just the name of his company. As the CEO and founder of Ascend Agency, Jadali built his business with the mission to prioritize his clients above all else. And this is how Ascend came to be. “What made me come up with this idea for a business is that I saw so many PR agencies not care about their client and just want to make a quick buck. So, I decided that I will always put the client first.”

Jadali further explains, “The company name Ascend Agency was named this because we only ascend our clients that come to us with more brand exposure and notability.”

Evidently, Jadali’s approach to business is what allowed him to consistently gain clients by word of mouth alone. “If you make your customer happy, then they will tell their friends. That is the best way to market your business.” He adds, “I will be completely honest with you; I have not spent a dollar on ads. But I have had over 100+ clients.”

Jadali’s Fuel for Success

After making enough money from bitcoin, Jadali was able to get his company off the ground. But aside from funding abilities, he believes that being able to stand out against competition also helped him establish his agency from the start and elevate it to new heights. “I always try to stand out from the competition by coming up with new ways to make my company better and more affordable.”

The ladder to success is not an easy feat to climb. But, for extraordinary entrepreneurs like Jadali, it’s all about finding something that sparks your passion day in and day out. His principle for success is simple: “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

The Perks of Being His Own Boss

Jadali’s business mindset is that of a true boss who has the capability to answer to himself alone. Being at this level is what continuously drives him to do better and stay on top. He says, “I like to be my own boss because, in my opinion, I know what to do to make a successful business.” And what’s great about Jadali is that he walks the talk, claiming that his agency had made six figures in just a year and is now serving industry-defining companies as well as Fortune 500 ones.

For Jadali, the best part of being a business owner is being able to run the company whichever way he wants to and making his own schedule. So, what does a typical 8-hour work day like for someone who is his own boss? Jadali shares, “I usually wake up at around 8, immediately check my phone so I can respond to all my clients that have messaged me during the night, and work for about 3 to 4 hours. Then, I usually go to meetings or phone calls for the rest of the day while responding to clients as well. I get home at around 6 to finalize everything I did for the day and make my calendar for the next day.”

The Rewards of Entrepreneurship

Despite all the money, fame, and success that Jadali had amassed as a self-made entrepreneur, nothing feels more fulfilling than being able to serve his clients to the best of his ability. After all, more than his professional goal, this has always been his life’s mission.

At the end of the day, Jadali gets the most satisfaction when he receives feedback from those that Ascend Agency has served well. “[I feel most satisfied] when I get a ‘thank you’ text from my clients, saying how I have helped their brand.”

There’s really nothing quite like the connection that you make with others, and Jadali is proof that business can transcend beyond mere negotiations and transactions – it is all about the positive impact that you make on other people’s lives.

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