Prabhjot Singh; Taking the Music Industry by Storm

Raking millions with back-to-back hits, Prabhjot Singh excels as a complete music artist to enthrall one and all.

Music industry is one of the most versatile industries that has grown by leaps and bounds. The platform that it has created have been a blessing in many ways to numerous artists who get a chance to showcase their hidden talent and find many opportunities for work. Last couple of decades have seen the entry of many talented individuals who have swiftly become hot favorites in no time and has created a loyal fan base for themselves.

We came across one such astute music artist who has been acing his game within the music industry in recent times, singer and composer Prabhjot Singh. His creative music and unique songs has propelled him to be a crowd favourite providing them with a discrete listening experience. 

Hailing from Chandigarh, this Punjabi boy made sure to follow his dreams into the music industry. What started as a hobby got converted into a profession soon, today Prabhjot has managed to establish himself as an amazing music artist and singer brushing shoulders with the best of artists in the music realm.

His song creations have been catchy and extremely pleasant on the ears making him stand apart from his competitors and making a special niche for himself. Some of his hit numbers include Shadow Mask, Party Reggaeton, and Folk Jazz. 

Prabhjot found his inner calling as a child and went ahead with the flow of making music his only destination. He found peace and solace in music making and excelled at each and every endeavor he pursued. Gaining further momentum, Prabhjot wants to soon have his own studio for music recording which would also provide umpteen opportunities for many upcoming artists who wait for their luck and chance of getting successful in the music industry.

Making use of different social media platforms to reach the larger audiences, Prabhjot has started his YouTube channel “Prabh’s.” 

With many new releases lined up in the pipeline, Prabhjot is geared up for more achievements. For more info follow him on Instagram @theofficialprabh. 

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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