Prakash Mishra Talks About how Intelligent Apps Have Taken Over our Lives

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With the advancement in the field of artificial intelligence and technology, there is hardly any sector that is not influenced by it. From ordering food, booking tickets, banking transaction, to buying a property, everything and anything is possible through mobile applications. Thanks to the advancing AI technology.

“The usage of mobile applications has seen a drastic rise recently, especially with people being confined in their homes during the pandemic. Smartphones and other AI appliances have reoriented our lives, the way we function and even interact.

These intelligent applications have unleashed several possibilities of how we can manage our lives effectively,” says Prakash Mishra, Google Certified Market Researcher and Digital Marketing Strategist.

These apps have taken over every sector and Prakash Mishra talks about how intelligent apps have taken over our lives.

What Are Intelligent Apps?

Intelligent apps generally referred to as (I-apps) are artificial enabled applications that offer a personalised user experience based on the feedback it receives from its environment. They automatically learn from the user behaviour and accordingly respond to the user needs.

The functioning of these apps are monitored by technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. They very quickly process a vast amount of data and based on past experiences improve results.

To provide the best and personalised user experience, intelligent apps use predictive analysis, customer behaviours, operational data and AI and ML-enabled technologies. The best examples of intelligent applications used in our daily lives are virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc.

How Intelligent Apps Are Influencing Our Lives

The mobile apps industry is expected to grow and generate revenues of $ 190 billion by 2022. This figure is based on the fact that an average smartphone likely uses 30 apps per month. Soaking up new age technology and combining it with mobile applications is the ideal result. Smart mobile applications are at the heart of the growth and development of this industry.

Intelligent apps are the next generation of apps that dramatically improve our daily tasks and experiences. With the help of these applications, our smartphones automate our speech recognition tasks, help us make safe decisions and allow us to understand unfamiliar languages ​​through translation. The possibilities are endless now.

AI will somehow be incorporated into various systems and applications and is poised to become the primary enabler of various software systems and services. As mentioned during the Google conference, it was said, “Very fast, we are moving from mobile-first to AI-first world.”

Prakash Mishra, Founder and CEO of Drive Digital and DigiHunts Academy talks about how intelligent apps are influencing our daily lives and what are their advantages.

  1. I-apps Are Result Oriented:

The best thing about I-apps is they use predictive analytics technology to examine consumer behaviour and based on that provide personalised results. They reduce the possibilities of conflicting decisions and encourage the user to take result-oriented actions.

I-apps Are Data-Driven:

Intelligent apps have the capability to provide data-driven results and this is one of their major characteristics. They derive data of consumer behaviour from multiple resources like mobile apps, web pages, IoT sensors and analyse this data in real-time. And this is the reason I-apps give you the exact and precise results you are looking for.

I-apps Are Contextual:

I-apps examine the habits and preferences of the user and based on that analyse the data to provide relevant results. With the impeccable abilities of understanding and analysing user behaviour, intelligent apps provide highly contextual and relevant results to the users.

I-apps Are Easily Adaptable:

Since intelligent apps are powered by machine learning and AI-based algorithms, they have the ability to easily adapt to any situation. They pick up data from their surroundings and learn from their past experiences, which help them to improve user preferences and behaviour analysis.

Intelligent apps have the potential to expand operational excellence, in almost every sector, business or personal. It will not be surprising that every aspect of our living is influenced by these intelligent apps. I-apps and its growing popularity are likely to bring the next big revolution in the technological world, opening doors to innumerable possibilities for businesses,” says Prakash Mishra.

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