Pramath Bhat talks about Modelling,Style and Table manners that might help you to become a successful Model?

In recent times Modelling/acting & sports have dragged the maximum attention of young aspiring male & female.
Modelling is not only about ramp walk its a way beyond it consists of ramp walk, shoots,
grooming,poses,table manners,etiquette etc.,

One should always have a firm mind & should know from where to start the journey in any field as competition is huge in all the field so to survive & emerge as the successor it’s very important to have a proper plan which will surely help them to have a safe & successful journey as we all know that well plan is half done.

To reach the goal or Dream it’s very much important to work hard & the potential to make it big. Pramath Bhat is Indian fashion model/ramp walk trainer/international director who is also the founder of Pramath’s Star company which is a international Modelling Agency. Today across India people love to be the part of his training & shows as he is one of the renowned names in the fashion world who has made his mark on the top by ruling the industry with the self-confidence, belief & hard work by the time he has started it.

Pramath Bhat also known as Pramath star among many because of his down to earth nature and his professional work. I am in this article going to give you the more interesting details & secrets of every successful model. Anyone can be a well-established model if they know how to carry themselves and also the one who has a great self-belief.

For being a model, dedication takes the first seat than followed by decency & patience. One should always aim for high no matter whichever field you belong & also make sure that whatever you do give your 100% because wat I feel is half-hearted efforts will never get you the things which you dream.

Indian Model/International Director & Ramp walk Trainer talks about Basic style secrets:
1. Always wear Contrast colour full clothes it gives unique look.
2. Go with the trend, never be afraid of trying new things.
3. white shirt & blue jeans or a black shirt & black jeans are the best combination.
4. Wear comfortable fitted suits.
5. Always wear a tie which matches your personality.

Indian Model/International Director & Ramp walk Trainer Talks about basic Table Manners:

1. Start with a good smile.
2. Keep your smartphone in vibration or silent mode.
3. Arrange utensils accordingly. Don’t use your fork or spoon like a sword.
4. Wash your hands before sitting at the dining table.
5. Remember to use your napkin.
6. Don’t make noise while chewing the food.
7. Eat the food gently.
8. Avoid being loud.
9. Instead of going across the table for something, ask the next one to pass it to you.
10. Involve in the dinner conversation.

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