Pranab Kr Nath Plays a Role in Upcoming Blockbuster Movie Potrobondhu

Pranab Kr Nath Is a gifted actor who was born and brought up in Tripura, Northeastern India. He was recently added to the cast list of Potrobondhu, which is a work by Biswajit Bhuiya (Director and Producer) and the managing director Shilpa Roy. Mr. Nath is also well known for some of his short films, his talent being recognized by a major artist helped him to make his debut in a movie.

Well known for his short film works, Pranab Kr Nath is soon to be very popular because of his upcoming movie. This is very much awaited by his own fans as well as the citizens of Northeastern India since they have been delighted by the details that were released about Potrobondhu. This movie is sure to open up new opportunities for Mr. Nath.

Mr. Nath Has always been a very motivated short film actor and his creations are actually regarding social issues. There are some things that society does not really like to discuss and are not addressed by the people. Pranab Kr Nath is a person who decided to take matters into his hands and come up with ideas that are going to positively influence the audience.

Pranab Kr Nath had initially started out his career as a politician but then he slowly discovered his talent in acting, his first work was made by a friend and this was criticized by some and celebrated by the others. Being the high-spirited artist that he is, he never took heed to the commentators and instead focused on the positive work that he was doing. His intentions have always been the best.

Social work is yet another thing undertaken by Pranab Kr Nath. In fact, his official page has a funding option that is available to all the viewers and this directly goes to the people in need of education and some kind of monetary help that would improve their standard of living. There was yet another time when he had helped out a young girl who was suffering from a life-threatening disease and his donation had helped her to fully recover. There are other few notable incidents too, one of the most important ones being the Amphan Situation. The storm had left a lot of people penniless, Mr. Nath extended his help towards them in such times of need.

The movie Potrobondhu is soon to be here, the release dates will be out soon. Pranab Kr Nath is sure to gain lots of new fans from this upcoming work. Visit the official website of Pranab Kr Nath for more details.

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