Pranali Mhaisne – a True Achiever Over Life!

The one who tries to achieve whatever she dreams of even if it involves taking steps to any extent, she is actually the true hustle of positive energy for lives.

Pranali Mhaisne, an elite example to quote the fact that a doer is rare and is such a diverse personality seeing which the wonders might proclaim themselves to be possessed by her only. Pranali Mhaisne who was born 29-3@1983 in Akola, and brought up in Nashik and Nagpur, Maharashtra, passing through various phases of growth has sought tremendous amount of courage and confidence in her personality.

Pranali Mhaisne can be regarded as an inclined artist who wishes to portray the whole world under the same unending canvas. Whether be it sports, modelling, dancing, etc. Pranali Mhaisne has her hands involved in every field rendering diversity to her nature and the society in general.

Pranali Mhaisne is currently the Headmistress of Podar Jumbo Kids (Podar International School,) Pune fulfilling her dream of becoming the School Principal. She holds a strong academic background with degrees of M.A., B.Ed. and Ecced. She has been an athlete playing volley ball at state and interschool level, interclub as both smasher and lifter winning silver and bronze medals.

Having such complex schedule to accommodate her academics and sports, Pranali Mhaisne is also a model who has been crowned with tiles like Miss Nagpur 2002, Miss Vidharbha 2003, Miss Maharshtra 2004, Fem Mrs. India 1st Runner Up 2016, Mrs. Bharat Icon 2018 and Enchanting Smile Subtitle winner.

Pranali Mhaisne wants to win the title of Mrs. Universe with her consistent hard work and passion, helping her reach the limelight of being a famous personality. Pranali Mhaisne also awarded by “Woman of Substance” “Icon of Pune” “Global Dignitary award ”

Lately she has being cast in 2-3 Bollywood upcoming projects and screen shows which will render her the desired strong base bringing her close to what she desires to achieve.

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