Prateek Vats A.K.A. DRIP to Start Touring Again in July 2021

Entertainment industry, like tourism and hospitality industries, is one of the most hit industry in COVID times. Many artists took this time to work on their art others took a long vacation from an otherwise hectic schedule. Rest continued work from home.

Prateek Vats or as known amongst friends and fans, “DRIP” took his time to finish up the music production and recordings for his debut album DRIP TRIP. Starting this march the video shooting will restart and go full throttle as mentioned by DRIP’s tour manager which hit a snag because of COVID 19 pandemic as tge studios had to shutdown during lockdown. After an abrupt stop of his India tour in March 2020, Drip now plans to re open his schedule for shows and tours coming July. In a conversation with Drip our entertainment correspondent was told that if the situation continously deteriorates and COVID vaccine fails, only then DRIP might push the release dates and tour dates a bit further. But as of now July 2021, Drip hits the road again and we can’t wait.

Starting from 2016, DRIP a.k.a. Prateek Vats has been touring regularly for music and food festivals as well as a great number of college shows. Drip’s last performace before the tour was cut short was ELP food festival in DLF Promenade opening for SUKH -E and at Symbiosis College opening for Parmish Verma. Drip was then supposed to leave for mumbai but the case numbers were already rising alarmingly in maharashtra. Amidst which artists, sponsors and organizers had to halt the tour. But with current scenario BLUE TURTLE ENTERTAINMENT feels comfortable to make a comeback tour for DRIP coming July og 2021. Blue Turtle Entertainment a subsidiary of Sam Shijin Group of companies has been managing Drip since 2016 and has partnered up with varioua brands like Red bull, Monster, ECHT, Stylework, Zebronics and others for their own music festivals and college shows in which Drip often headlines or opens for the headlining artists.

We truly hope that the people of our country are safe again without isolating themselves. And the country and its businesses get back on their feet sooner. Once again the young talents of India are out in the open again and we can not wait to party like before. Sending our best wishes to Drip for his upcoming tour and album launch, we’d like to urge the good countrymen and countrywomen to take utmost care of themselves and others around them especially minors and elders.

We shall overcome!

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