Pratham Singh Is Cruising His Way to the Top as a Young and Successful Digital Entrepreneur

The 18-year-old from Delhi leaves no stone unturned to emerge as a highly influential youth icon

Pratham Singh

We are a digital-technology oriented society. The effect is such that there are countries where people do not have running water, but smartphones themselves. Digital marketing has an unbelievable effect on the relationships, jobs, transactions and life habits of people. A career in digital marketing isn’t exactly the dream job that most people wish for while in school. But considering opportunities in this competitive area, you can see that a revolutionising outlook on digital marketing is given by young entrepreneurs such as Pratham Singh.

Pratham is the youngest digital entrepreneur from Delhi, India, and is just 18 years old. He has a great portfolio of work that encompasses his numerous years of experience in digital marketing as an entrepreneur. His career history is very interesting since he has collaborated with popular figures such as Romil Chaudhary, Big Boss’s contender, Maera Mishra of Splitsvilla, influential Punjabi Singers Shivjot, Dilbagh Singh, Deep Money, Nav Inder & India’s Got Talent’s Javed Khan Winner and Famous Haryanvi Singer Gulzaar Chhaniwala etc. As far as his life and career are concerned, he is perceptive and thus does not easily take his badge of being the ‘most motivational personal’. He knows that a lot of obligation comes with this recognition. That is why his thoughts and advice, whether it is his own or that of others, are often complimented by training and knowledge. He also trusts in maintaining a realistic approach to life, which in the materialistic world of today is a remarkable virtue.

He is the Co-Founder of Asian Times Magazine and began to learn about digital marketing at the early age of 15, but has now gathered multiple expertise in the field that he offers individuals with brand and startup consultant. Pratham is already a famous name and leading entrepreneur in the world of digital marketing in India. His experience and work ethic has enabled him expand his own business. His company is now dealing with a lot of promotional work from different fields such as businesses, celebrity management, songs and other promotions.

At just 18, Pratham is well ahead of India’s digital marketers, he’s arguably the most influential Indian name as a digital marketer, and will climb to the top list of India’s entrepreneurs in a short period of time.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.

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