Pratik Gauri: Creator of 5th Industrial Revolution and Disruptive Innovator

You might not be familiar with his name, but you will benefit from at least one of his services or products in your lifetime. Impact entrepreneur and disruptive innovator Pratik Gauri is creating the 5th Industrial Revolution through his portfolio of companies and is positively impacting millions of people.

What is the 5th Industrial Revolution? It’s all about working at the intersection of profits and purpose. It’s about creating a positive impact and over-achieving your revenue and profit targets.

Gauri with his portfolio companies since the age of 16 has proven that one can make more profits if one has a purpose. His companies are running large-scale initiatives in myriad spaces: health, education, gender equality, clean water, energy, renewables, amongst other social issues. He is using technology to solve social problems; He is moving the models of Fortune 500 companies from for-profit to for-benefit; He is mobilizing millions of marketing spends towards impact; He invests in impact startups; He speaks publicly at schools to inspire young people to join him on his mission of creating 5th Industrial Revolution. It’s astonishing to see the impact he has already created. And he is just 30 years old.

Born in Delhi, Gauri went to 26 countries last year in 2019 to represent India and his works at prestigious forums like World Economic Forum in Davos, Skoll World Forum in Oxford, Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Oslo, and others. Gauri started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 16 years old and since then he has founded 8 companies in the impact space.

All his companies are using technology to solve social problems, are lifting people, and are valued at millions of dollars. Some of his initiatives have been widely covered by the media. He helped take Harpic Mission Paani, a clean drinking water initiative in India to World Economic Forum in Davos. Gauri and his team helped create a widely watched show, Some Good News by John Krasinki, which was later acquired by Viacom media. Gauri is also actively investing in women of color tech startups through the New York-based WOCstar (Women of Color) Fund.

Gauri has been well recognized for his works; He was named Creative Entrepreneur of the year 2020 by Entrepreneur India magazine and Entrepreneur of the year 2020 by Indian Achievers’ Forum for creating the 5th Industrial Revolution. He is a Greenbiz Global 30 Under 30, British Petroleum Scholar, WEF Global Shaper, Ambassador at One Young World, Al Gore’s Climate Leader, Asia’s top 50 voices by Earth Day Network, amongst many others. Gauri is also a social media influencer having more than 250,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Pratik Gauri is on the path to impacting our lives positively and becoming one of the well known billionaires. You can follow him on Linkedin, and check out his website

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