PREMIERE: Thepsychogen Fuses the gap With new Release “ggalaxy”

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Accepting who you are while also deciphering the mystery of who you should become is a struggle most people experience. This process can make it difficult to engage in social environments due to dissociation. The fear of not finding a connection in one’s self to what is present. The need for understanding others and being understood yourself is a gap that Georgia born artist thepsychogen aims to bridge.

Thepsychogen explores his own truth through his new release “ggalaxy” (a single from the “Psycore” EP) to learn how to fuse this gap. The song focuses on his current journey of making investments to obtain a lavish lifestyle with lyrics, “I just hit a lick, i won’t spend that money quick […] Flooded out my wrist, need a mill like Big Fish”. The artist stylizes his own genre with glitching vocal effects and futuristic sounds that he calls, “fusion”. Though most of his records are published under the Hip Hop/Rap genre.

thepsychogen is a songwriter & music artist born in Statesboro, Georgia, USA. He is currently based in Florida, USA. The Georgia rapper states he created the moniker thepsychogen after realizing the world would probably label him psychotic for the many philosophies he deemed to be genius. Hence “The Psychotic Genius” that became thepsychogen. The artist often participates in bringing awareness to social injustice issues through his musical platform.

During 2020 thepsychogen released “Still At War ” music video that features Kasinova The Don. The song takes jabs at the propaganda that advertises prejudice behavior being over in America. The release recently broke the milestone of 30,000 total youtube views. Rapper thepsychogen started focusing on his next popular sound after developing buzz from “Still At War”. Which is when the “Psycore” album begun to be developed. The “ggalaxy” beat was produced by Blushh. And background vocals provided by Azazus.

Discussing what “ggalaxy” means to him, thepsychogen explains: ggalaxy was literally on the spot. I was walking around the house and the melody instantly came to my head for the chorus. It’s basically a bragging song about gaining money and getting ahead based on investments. Figuring out where I fit in and understanding myself more to expand my future.


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“ggalaxy” [Hip Hop/Rap, Released Wed. July 14 2021]

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