Pride Month: Here are the top 10 LGBTQ+ Artists to follow

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The NFT industry keeps receiving never-ending applause for its potential to encompass artists from all classes and statuses, even the LGBTQ+ community. Irrespective of the open participation, the number of LGBTQ+ NFT artists is considerably low.

Hence, the whole NFT market is responsible for supporting old artists and also making way for new ones. Only by this can the industry’s appearance be changed from the initial boys club outlook to becoming all-encompassing.

On this list are the top 10 LGBTQ+ artists to follow and support

1. Sam August Ng – TheyBalloons

The London-based non-binary digital conceptual artist, Sam August Ng, is popularly recognized as TheyBalloons. As a focus, Sam utilizes glitch arts, 3D, and bold colors to reimagine neo-expressionism on Web3.

He likewise co-founded Queer Frens, an NFT collection aimed at stimulating inclusion and queer representation in the Metaverse. The collection currently has about 10,000 queer frogs.

2. Talia Rosa Abreu 

The Latina Trans artist is a visual designer and digital artist whose work concentrates on creating 2D and 3D arts and designs. Rosa also works on drawing up brand identities and visual directions. While being the art director of the Runic GloryNFT, she also served as the creator and creative director of the Forest Heart Project. The Forest Heart project is an online 3D adventure game.

3. Bobby Coyote

Bobby Coyote is a transmasc multidisciplinary artist and photographer living in Los Angeles. Due to his experience in fashion photography, Coyote can center his works on film and NFT photography. Some of his masterpieces are conceptualized in astrology, color, music, sexuality, addiction, and surrealism.

4. Dr. Brittany Jones

With a Ph.D. in Marine Biology, Dr. Brittany Jones is the creator, project manager, and co-founder of the Queer Friends NFT project. The bisexual and athlete woman’s Ph.D. was centered around dolphin communication. Dr. Jones has however employed digital arts in teaching science to young girls. She also educates about STEAM careers, that is, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, using digital arts.

5. Jason Dixon Zamora 

Popularly known as Mako HighFlyer, Jason is the artist and founder of the Quinley Quokka NFT collection. The Pansexual’s project is celebrating LGBTQ+ figures around the world using inclusive and intersection NFTs.

Zamora believes that a return of power to the artists is the change agent needed to ensure a communal reset.

6. PapiCandlez

PapiCandlez is a queer illustrator and animator located in Los Angeles. On OpenSea, he recently released the TheCryptoCandlez collection. The collection includes 103 candles in various cute avatars.

7. Derin Baysal

The Queer Rise NFT collection is the work of queer designer, Derin Baysal. The Graphics designer, illustrator, and artist operated in Istanbul, Turkey, after receiving a certificate in Graphics Design from IED, Milan.

Queer Rise contains 10,000 hand-drawn NFTs depicting queer culture. The project seeks to make the metaverse more inclusive and queer-friendly.

8. Stacie A Buhler

Stacie is a fashion photographer and NFT artist living in Los Angeles. Her works are relaxed, fun, welcoming, and inclusive of all. She has Ugly Berts and Ugly Bettys as her works under the Ugly NFT project. Comments from people about their dislike for the way she dresses are the inspiration for her collection.

The digitally hand-painted NFTs in the collection is focused on model diversity and rights of LGBTQ+ in the fashion industry.

9. Vanshika Dhyani 

The Desi Dulhan Club NFT collection is the work of the Asian, bisexual, and neurodivergent artist, Vanshika Dhyani. The collection aims at creating awareness of Child marriages, dowry death, honor killings, and female infanticides happening in South Asia.

Vanshika created her first project when she was thirteen years old, as a tribute to her grandmother. Also, the absence of lips on the “Desi Dulhans” project symbolizes how society silences women in South Asia.  The eyes in the collection too depict fear and uncertainty in South Asian women.

10. Jessie

Jessie (GrizzleMMC on Twitter) is the queer co-founder and lead artist of the Melancholy Monsters Club (MMC) NFT project. Jessie’s MMC journey started in 2012 when she drew a small comic containing two monsters. Also, MMC is fully owned and controlled by LGBTQ+. Jessie’s also a mental health counselor offering assistance to LGBTQ+ in small communities.

Nevertheless, despite being arranged in no particular order, the above list does contain the names of all LGBTQ+ artists in the NFT industry. Other artists include Victor Langlois (FEWOCiOUS), Klara Vollstaedt and Sarah Zucker.

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