Prime Shiksha : A Reliable and Affordable Platform for Physics Classes

Studying physics can be both fun and challenging. It’s fun because it helps you grasp a deep understanding of the things that are going on around you and it’s a challenge because physics as a subject can be hard for some.

Amidst this pandemic, many of us have been baffled about how we can make ourselves better and put our time to productive use. It’s especially hard for those students who have been stranded at home trying to understand their schoolwork and feeling burdened by the weight of physics. For students like such, who struggle with understanding the fundamentals of physics staying at the top of their school work can be quite a challenge. However, they need not worry anymore. Professor Preetam Patil has come up with his own website – “Prime Shiksha- your online traditional school” which is a remarkable initiative to help students. Prof Patil offers traditional board teaching via online means so that he can help even those students who aren’t in his close proximity.

He has pursued MSc in electronics and is a teacher by heart and soul with a teaching experience of 16yr+ from topmost educational institutions all over Maharashtra. Prime Shiksha has been fulfilling all the crucial needs of a student by providing them with chapter-wise notes, questionnaires,s and test series as the students are used to physical blackboard teaching.

Most of the students of the HSC board find physics very difficult when in reality it’s a very interesting and concept-oriented subject. In these times studying in the pandemic is quite challenging which is why Prof Patil simplifies all the concepts and helps students learn in interestingly easy ways. In order to make students get a deeper understanding of physics, Prime Shiksha provides them with chapter-wise notes and video lectures.

His vision is to reach and help as many students as possible who are appearing for Maharashtra HSC board exams this year to give them the confidence boost for physics.

If you are a student who struggles with this subject, let Prime Shiksha help you crack the HSC board with its support!

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