Your Privacy Is a Thing of the Past, Here’s Why

Your privacy is a thing of the past. Technology has advanced so rapidly that our faces can authorize payments, we no longer need to know how to drive, and a simple search on the internet can reveal your address and what you do with your spare time in a matter of seconds.

We have become comfortable with this level of accessibility because our lives are easier with a touch of the button. Got a bill to pay? Want to book a holiday? Hungry for your favorite food? There is an app for all of it.

For most Millennials and Gen Zer’s this is our way of life, but it makes people like my father extremely uneasy having that much information accessible at the touch of a button. But how would you feel if all of the information on your phone, laptop and other digital devices could be exposed to the entire world?

Would you be as uneasy as my father if you knew that every message, every google search or anything you’ve ever looked up could be accessed by your closest peers, your employer or even a complete stranger?

Right now, there is a technology that gives people the ability to access this information. It’s called Snupr, and it is changing the face of the way people work, communicate, search, and exist in a digital age.

A military level software that has been harnessed by a company called Hidden Technologies allows the user to insert a thumb drive into any device and extract all the information from that device.

This means your deleted search history, your private messages, your encrypted files and everything in between is up for grabs.

The scariest part is that this device leaves no trace and you will never know that the information was ever taken.

It is the only device in the world with this level of power that is accessible to the public. No longer the technology of James Bond, it is now the secret technology of the worried parent, the overbearing employer, or the anxious partner.

So what does this mean for us?

It means that an employer can potentially monitor your every action in the workplace.

It means that your partner can potentially see every message you have ever sent.

It means your private files are potentially no longer private.

It means your browser history can potentially be exposed to the entire world.

It means that anyone who has access to any of your devices may be able to bypass your security and take whatever they like, whenever they like.

The Snupr is a device that costs less than $100 and yet it has the power to dramatically alter your life, so when I say that your privacy is a thing of the past, I mean it.

We have become so reliant on technology that we can’t function in our daily lives without it. Now it has become a tool that can be manipulated by anyone for any purpose.

Snupr is a tool and how you choose to use that tool comes down to the user. People always have a choice and this technology also allows people to make the right one.

Worried that a loved one might be going through tough times?

See what they’ve been looking at and get them the support they need.

Are you scared that someone you love is struggling with addiction?

Allay your fears and find the information to help through this struggle.

Technology has improved our lives and has been utilized in so many incredible ways to advance the human race. This is another example of how technology can be used for the better. In the end, it all comes down to the user.

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