Privé Is Fusing The Digital And Physical World By Combining NFTs And Champagne

One of the hottest trends in crypto today is non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. By creating a unique blockchain token representing an object, it unlocks a whole new world of digital ownership.

However, the crypto industry struggles in coming up with a viable business model, apart from using NFTs to represent JPEG images.

But this is about to change with Privé Société.

As its meaning in French, Privé Société is a private membership club offering members a lifetime of benefits and networking opportunities.

Think of Privé Société as a lifestyle brand in a world where digital meets physical. A membership merges a private digital country club with exclusive products and experiences that increase over time. Membership is marked by NFT ownership.

Its very first exclusive product is the Privé Réserve, a French brut champagne that blends modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. It is produced in partnership with FrerejeanFrères, whose champagnes have been chosen as the official champagne of the Michelin awards.

But the digital + physical ecosystem of Privé Société will offer more. Club membership includes access to the Privé network, private global events and parties, access to the Privé champagne equity offering, and more. Looking further ahead, PrivéSociété’s roadmap includes metaverse collaborations, merchandise and toys, additional product SKUs, a private cryptocurrency wallet, and more. 

Privé Société is run by a strong team of experienced individuals across the blockchain, spirits, food, and beverage industries. It is led by Damon Nam, a twenty-three-year technology executive, Microsoft alumnus, and the Founder of Coin, and Rodolphe Frerejean Taittinger, an experienced wine producer and the CEO of Frerejean Frères, a premium craft champagne house in Avize, France.

“Unlike many NFT projects in the industry that are solely focused on static art, Privé is excited to combine the physical and digital world together by merging art, lifestyle, products, and community, to create a unique lifestyle ecosystem that extends beyond a JPEG image and is fully powered and owned by a community,” says Damon Nam, founder at Privé.

Finally, it looks like we finally have a viable business model for NFTs beyond JPEG images. If you are an entrepreneur, investor, influencer, tastemaker, and connoisseur looking for a lifetime of benefits and networking opportunities, look no further than Privé Société.

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