Priyesh Shrimal: How this MBA Graduate is Pursuing his Passion in the Field of arts!

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Priyesh Shrimal, who’s born and named in Indore, knew throughout his formative years that he wished to pursue his passion in arts ANd become an creative person. for several people, this dream remains a dream as life takes United States on a distinct path. except for Priyesh, he worked arduous equally on his studies and his passion revolving around performing arts, music, acting and motion.

And well, nowadays he is an incredible creative person, World Health Organization has worked in serials like “Dil Dosti Dance” on channel [V], Dance India Dance season three, India’s performing arts adept and additionally he has featured in many advertisements for firms like Food panda, Subway, etc.

He encompasses a theatre expertise of three years and has an incredible hold of comedy. Currently, he’s operating for “Fashion TV” and is dominant the entire FTV faculty of modelling, grooming and fashion coming up with in Indore.

Well, the journey but wasn’t all sleek. He had to beat many obstacles to achieve the amount he presently is at. He gave thousands of auditions and featured many rejections, however he ne’er gave up. “Honesty and thoughtlessness inculcated in him since childhood has helped him vastly within the industry”, he says.

Being AN outsider during this business is incredibly powerful, as we tend to all recognize. however he says that folks within the business have invariably been kind to him and helped him in his journey. He specially mentions Kunwar Amar sir and Swapnil Kothar sir, World Health Organization are nothing however a pillar of support for him and have invariably treated him sort of a younger brother he says!

Besides acting and performing arts, he shares his love for motion. “Travelling is one in all the simplest teachers”, he says! You learn such a lot whereas you travel. You open up your mind to many new cultures, concepts and folks. He calls himself a criminal, within the sense that he takes inspiration from everybody and everything around him!

He says, “You see a leaf falling from the tree, you replicate that in your dance moves!” in an exceedingly means, he’s sort of a sponge, engrossing everything on the means and up himself by mistreatment the nice and learning to remain faraway from the bad!

“Fame is that the devil, however art is AN angel!”

When asked concerning fame, he says that fame is secondary; you’re employed arduous, be faithful your passions, you may twig eventually. Fame could be a factor that may come back and go however art, art are a few things that may stick with you until the top of your life! He advises individuals to own originality during this artificial world.

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