Pro Exterior Painting Tips To Make Your House Look Picture-Perfect

The appearance of your house is a big factor in your feeling happy to live in it. Additionally, a good-looking house will get you a better deal should you decide to put it on the market. If you are proficient in DIY jobs, getting to know how to paint your house well can save you a lot of cash. Some pro tips that will ensure that your house continues to look fresh and appealing for years:

Clean the Exterior Thoroughly 

Ensure that the surface is clean. It is because paint does not adhere well to dirty or grimy surfaces. The best thing to do is to mix a phosphate-free commercial cleaner with water along with a mildew cleaning agent. You can apply the solution by hand with a sponge but since it can be a tiresome job, you can consider getting it power-washed by a pro.

Remove Loose Paint

Once the washed surfaces are dry, it is time to remove the paint that is flaking off. The best tool for the job, even though it can be painstaking is a handheld scraper. Wearing a mask and a protective suit and spraying water as you scrape can prevent you to breathe in the fine paint particles.

Sand, Fill, and Repair Rough Spots

To make the surface smooth for better paint adhesion, you should use a pad sander. Fill any holes, dings, and surface defects with putty but if the wood shows signs of rotting, you should call in a carpenter to replace the damaged wood and also identify the cause of the rot and set it right. Click here to learn more about Elite Finishing, a reputed house painting company.

Apply Primer and Caulk Joints

To prepare the surface for painting, apply a white or gray primer. It will also show up the spots that need caulking. A latex primer is fine for painting over bare wood or surfaces already painted with a latex paint but be sure to use an oil-based primer if you are painting over oil-based paint. To prevent potential leaks in the joints, use caulking compounds containing silicone or polyurethane. Use the best quality available.

Select the Right Paint and Apply the Top Coats Well

If you are painting a bare surface or if latex paint has been used earlier, it is better to stick with water-based acrylic latex paint. It is easier to apply, dries faster, and you can clean it easily with soap and water. However, if the earlier paint used is oil-based, you will have to stick with the same type. Keep in mind paints with high sheen are better at blocking the sun’s rays and are more suitable for high-traffic areas like doorframes, porches, and window casings. Use as little possible paint as possible for the topcoats as the adhesion is better. A report in Forbes, advises using three colors for the best impact.


Painting the exterior of your home by yourself can be a satisfying experience, however, if you are not great at DIY or are too busy, appoint a professional house painter, and you can relax with the assurance of getting a job done well.

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