Pro Fitness Model Amer Kamra

amer kamra

Amer Kamra, aka Amer The Hammer is one of the top fitness models in the world. Amer turned pro as the youngest in the world residing in Toronto Canada. Amer has been in the spotlight for years for both his success as a fitness model but also as owning one of the most successful fitness businesses, Hammer Fitness.

Many top celebrities from different fields take his guidance to remain in shape. Amer believes that anything is possible, for anyone You have to focus on your goals, and remaining fit should be a daily habit that can help your mind remain fresh and alert

Pro Fitness Athlete of Canada turning PRO Fitness Entrepreneur:

Being a PRO Fitness Athlete and Life Coach, Amer Kamra’s name is famous in Canada. His fan-following and clients follow him from different parts of the world. Top names around the world follow his social media accounts.

Fitpreneur of Canada:

Amer Kamra is a true Fitpreneur of Canada, changing his life from fitness model to coach and now an entrepreneur with his Hammer Fitness. He has gained a massive name in the fitness industry in the last decade or so. Due to his constant hard work and disciplined life, he registered his name in top fitness athletes and coaches worldwide.

Helping fitness lovers from Social Media Platforms:

He is using his social media accounts to help people who want to achieve their fitness goals. In the future, he also wants to continue doing the same and help people remain fit. The pandemic taught us to live healthy to live happily.

Today he is expanding his coaching business via using social media platforms and also through his Website. He has come a long way from a commercial model to a top fitness influencer and entrepreneur. Once upon a time, PRO bodybuilder is becoming the fastest growing entrepreneur, all thanks to the fastest growing fitness industry.

Crossing all hurdles:

Life was never easy for him. He has struggled a lot in life. He has seen many life-threatening injuries in the past, which almost block his future progress but with the power of his mindset, failure quitting has never been an option for Amer.

It’s always great to see influencers such as Amer Kamra inspiring others to live a healthy and happy life. You connect to him via his website and also on Instagram @AmerTheHammer

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