Producer Rajdev Brahmbhatt Spotted in Goa, Might Shoot His Next Big Project There

The world is full of creative people. In the film industry, a lot of such creative mind exists who either collaborate with big names or create amazing content of their own. One such person who has made a mark for himself in the industry is Rajdev Brahmbhatt.

Rajdev Brahmbhatt is a celebrity manager and a producer. He hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and has been making news for his new project. Reports state that Rajdev is all set to produce an exciting new music video or a movie. Earlier in December 2020, Rajdev was spotted in Mumbai regarding the same.

The latest update is that Rajdev Brahmbhatt was snapped at Goa airport recently. He will be working on his music video/movie there which is said to be big. Rajdev already is a celebrity manager. So he has a busy life. But despite everything, he takes out time to work on his passion for artist building and is expected to make an announcement soon. When he was asked about his latest venture, Rajdev said that it is something huge. When the time is right, he will make an announcement about it and people will enjoy it.

Talking about this rumored project, he is reportedly collaborating with TV’s handsome hunk Ieshaan Sehgaal. The project is also said to feature a popular VJ along with Ieshaan. Now only time will tell what this big project by producer Rajdev is going to be.

Meanwhile, his list of past work is quite exciting. He has often joined forces with Benchmark Entertainment, which is a record label. Benchmark Entertainment is known for its single hits such as Yaara, Ab Aaja, and Tera Mera Saanjha to name a few. The producer’s upcoming project will also be backed by Benchmark Entertainment. Let’s hope an official announcement happens soon.

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