Producer Rohan Mundhwa All Set To Explore Dimensions Of Regional Content

Producer Rohan Mundhwa is all set to give Gujarat music listeners a treat super soon with his upcoming projects and has been consistently investing in projects to support and enrich cultural and regional content.

Regional content has off lately captured a lot of attention of the audience and producer Rohan Mundhwa has identified the potential of venturing into this space of creating and contributing to the development and growth of regional and cultural content by producing Gujarati music videos.

With regional content gaining momentum across the nation producer Rohan mundhwa is excited to further invest in and deliver more and more groovy and catchy gujarati songs. Producer Rohan Mundhwa aims at keeping the essence of Gujarati music alive among today’s generation.

Music tracks produced by Rohan mundhwa has received immense love and appreciation from the audience specially from the music listeners who gravitate around the genre of devotional music.

Rohan mundhwa’s extensive knowledge in the field has helped him gain immense love and appraisal for consistent delivery of melodious musical delights and now he is all set to win the hearts of music lovers and audience yet again with his upcoming endeavours.

Producer Rohan mundhwa has more than a year of experience and has produced over 10 acclaimed compositions and is looking forward to producing more such composition that not only keep the essence of cultural music alive but also which also feels relevant to the audience.

With an ensemble of his talented team , producer Rohan mundhwa has curated subtle tracks which gives the audience a blissful amd cheerful vibe yet feels electrifying owing to the mesmerizing music and lyrics that the music tracks are comprised of. He crafts tracks in such a way that it uplifts the cultural spirit and takes a place in people’s Playlists right away.

Producer Rohan mundhwa has Produced musical videos which won the heart of the audience as evident by the whopping number of views it got on the YouTube channel  “BLACK SPARROW DIGITAL”.

He has produced Gujarati music songs with heart-warming and enchanting lyrics such as “kon jaane”   which is crooned by vijay, composed by Anmol ratan and lyrics have been given by sandip rabari, “Maaro kaan hoy raaji” which is crooned by Hari Bharwad, composed by Anmol ratan and lyrics have been given by Sandip bavla, “Raja thakar” which has been crooned by Anmol Ratan and lyrics have been given by Ramesh vachiya.

Producer Rohan mundhava is thrilled and excited to share his upcoming endeavours with the audience and is expecting that audience loves the content as much as he does.

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